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Monday, March 31, 2008

Been thinking

Of many things the past few days. Just stupid things. I guess I have come to realize that in general I am a happy person, but not happy with being where I am at this point in my life. Don't get me wrong. I am happy with my family- Dan & Cameron. I realize I have put myself in this so called life of mine. Living at the beach is just fine. Though I guess what I miss the most is not having any friends really. I spoke with my GF from Phoenix the other night- Sandy. She called to just say hello & she was thinking of me since she had a bad husband day & was wanting to get out of the house. .she realized I was always her escape- "Denise lets go have a drink". I was with her in a heartbeat. After almost 4 years it dawned on both of us. We don't have that anymore. Sandy did find someone to have a drink with. But we talked about how we had our monthly girls night or evening out in Arizona with about 4-6 others. We miss it. miss terribly now- more than ever. Guess because I just don't have that here. Not to get pity here- but I have to wonder-- it must be me & I must be a bit of a bad friend. I don't mean to be.. I know I get caught up in things. I think I just have to make a better effort. I mean its' not anyone elses problem or fault. It' s mine- I know this. I can deal with this.. I can fix it?? I think. I know be positive. Guess it just feel better to get it out. So I need to stop whining.. sorry. Maybe that's my problem.. I whine tooo much?? What else.. having the store I find myself with not as much freedom in my life as I use to have. That would be the selfish thing in me.. go figure. SO where & what do I want? I think like most people.. you always want more. What more do I want? More time- freedom- money- and friends. What do I do? Not sure yet. Just these were the stupid really unimportant things I was thinking. Maybe not so unimportant- but still.. just a thinking!!
On a scrappy note: I am working on some mini albums. I decided.. well Dan & I decided we are going to do the gift show they have here in November. He's making some little things.. some pretty cool things. I'm going to make some mini albums for the gift show. Maybe some other things as well.
On one more scrappy note: This is pretty funny if you haven't seen this... check it out - Life of a Scrappers Husband


Blogger Liane said...

{{{{{{{{Denise}}}}}}}}}} sorry you are feeling unhappy now. Hugs to you. L

8:01 AM  
Blogger Denise said...

thanks. I'll be over it. Just a lonely feeling more than anything I think.I think we all go through this. thanks for the hugs

9:52 AM  
Blogger Karen L said...

Hi Denise,
Found your blog through a link on Jen's. Tonight is blog reading night, I guess!
Just had to comment when I read about your business and how it leaves you with so little time to spend with/and make friends. Dh and I owned a business for 25 years and it really isolated us so I know how you feel. It takes time to cement friendships, and it's hard when you run a business.Hugs.
Karen Ladd (from the forum)

1:17 AM  

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