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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Defination of a Crop

The Definiton of Crop
This is the dictionary definition of "crop":
Crop: 1.a. Cultivated agricultural plants as grain, vegetables, or fruit. b. the total yield of agricultural produce in a given season or place. 2. A group, quantity or supply appearing at one time (a crop of presidential candidates) 3. A short haircut 4. An earmark on an animal 5.a. A short whip with a loop serving as a lash, used in horseback riding b. The stock of a whip 6.a. A pouch-like enlargement of a birds' esophagus in which food is stored or partially digested. b. A similar organ in earthworms insects, and other invertebrates. 1.v. To cut off stems or top of a plant 2. To cut very short 3. To clip 4. To reap, harvest 5. To cause to grow or yield a crop or crops 6. To plant or to grow.

However, as scrapbookers we have an entirely different definition, so this is what should appear in the scraptionary (if one is ever invented):

To Crop: 1. To cultivate an abundance of photos in such a way that it appears aesthetically pleasing to other croppers. 2.a. A recent addiction, in which the addict convinces their spouse that it is a necessity of life, which without it all domicile harmony will be jeopardized. 2b . a subconscious way by spouses to finally acquire more tools than their spouses. 3. A ploy by those companies whose sticker stands, formerly located at the end of card aisles, to sell more stickers and turn a small enterprise into a major section at department stores (i.e. Michaels) 4. An additional ploy by magazine owners to produce yet another line of magazines for another subculture. 5. Spousal stress reliever (as in "Honey, I'm going to crop") this in turn relieves stress in the spouse knowing the loved one will be occupied for at least 5-6 hours (min). 6. sim. To stay away, back off. (as in "Kids, I'm going to crop") meaning stay away and ask Dad (or Mom) if you want anything. 7. an attempt to convince children that cropping is more cool than power tools. (yeah, right!)


Blogger Brenda is SO Blessed said...

Love it--- you really thought about that .. my suggestion is that you start the scraptionary and before you know it you will be rolling in dough because everyone will want to buy it (be it known that if said book EVER gets published I get a cut of the profits because it was my idea LOL). Said book could have all kinds of definitiions for the poor spouse and children and friends of a hobbiest......that way we would never get that "huh???" look when we rant and rave about the newest technique or tool..whatcha think????

9:32 PM  
Blogger Denise said...

LOL... hee hee

9:14 AM  

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