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Monday, May 19, 2008

Oh where Oh where has she been??

Hiding.. in a dark closet.. on a deserted island.. in the middle of ... the South Pacific?? You buy that? I wish I was in the South Pacific? Now that would be nice.. just me- the boys-- plus a few cabana boys. Though Dan then would want a few cabana chicks... hmmm.. may have to re-think this whole thing.

Anyhoo- I have been just busy. Just the life things. I'm back helping out an alarm company I was working with last year. They asked if I would help out & we can use the money- so sure why not?! Just seems like my days are a tad longer & so I don't seem to get on here as much as I'd like too. I have unfinished business with my store blog as well. Plus I am trying to get online shopping up on the Scrap Harbor website. Again- not enough hours in the day.... and I like my sleep :o) But life is going.... :o)
In a nutshell to recap:
  • Cameron is doing great in school- playing baseball- though hates the practice.. what gives I say?
  • We are going to San Francisco for my birthday! Shannon- I'll be calling you Dan's brother & his partner live in San Fran.. so we are heading to see them & just get away.
  • Dan's mom? well she did send him a card-- it had "personal" written on it- he recieved it just before Mother's Day- he hasn't called- as Dan says- I have no time to deal with this shit. She says she misses him.. I'm sure she does- misses him fixing this & that. And he did read it to me. He just rolls his eyes. She is who she is.. she will claim she was misunderstood pretty standard coming from her.
  • Dan is going to see Motley Crue this Thursday. $80.00 for ticket ? AT the Rose Garden? Are they high? Oh well- the Crue Fest will be fun for the manchild & his children of men child... anyway- why am I not going? Wasn't invited.. and do I really want to go with the 4 of those manchildren? no...
  • We bought tickets to see Journey- Heart & Cheap Trick. Looking forward to seeing Heart though. We are taking Cam too.
  • My bestest friend from Arizona is coming!!!!! Sandy aka Jersey & her family are arriving the day we get in from SF. I am so excited. I miss her terribly. I think that will get through the summer months. I really miss Liane too. I haven't seen her since.. like forever. But she has a life as well. I miss our chats.

Well that is it in a boring can of nuts. So I think you are caught up. Not like I was out doing anything exciting. :o) I have scrapping to catch up on desperately & I swear I'm closing some weekend this fall & heading to either Camano Island or Yahats.. found this fabulous house in Yahats... so kewl. So anyone looking to join me??


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