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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

A day

It was just that- a day. I was never on my game today. But what else is new?
The weekend was fun. went with the Donovan's in Portland to see the Starlight Parade. It was a fun unplanned thing to do. We ate dinner at the food vendors. Its' a street with about 5 or so street vendors- German- Russian- Mexican- Greek- Thia - and some others. The boys were happy campers. We came across a deli that served beer- yeah. AND they had a bathroom- YEAH YEAH! We watched the parade & it was fun seeing the marching bands and some floats. No- I didn't take my camera. I didn't want to haul it around. We rode the light rail transit back to the Donovan's home. It was so full. I had a panic attack. I had to have all of get off. I felt better though. It 's just a long ride. But worth it not to have to park downtown. We had a really good time. Nice to see them all. We don't do it enough.
I am behind once again terribly on scrapping. Terry found this information postcard for a place on Widbey Island- which is in Washington state. I emailed the gal & I REALLY want to go this fall. Just get away. If you ask me now what I want for my birthday- Christmas whatever- I'll tell you- a weekend to scrapbook. With the store I have no time to do what I love with my own stuff. The other place I found is in Yahats Oregon.. on the coast- just a different part of the coast. It's by the Scrappy Chicks. Click on the retreat center to the left.. you can see the floor plan.
So anyhoo- time to say goodnight to Cameron. He is on the countdown to no school & being a 7th grader! Hugs to all. Thank you Liane for sharing the siggy thing.. well I saw yours & clicked.. too fun.


Blogger Liane said...

Heheheh, nice siggy! I wanna go crop.... but it would be late fall for me,like after CKC Seattle.... ahhh life gets too hectic!

Great to see you all! Hugs

10:06 PM  
Blogger MrsMath3 said...

I am on Liane downline CTMH. I have very good friends in Tucson, AZ who go to Widbey island every year in the summer for a month. They absolutely love it. So, if you can go do it.


6:24 AM  

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