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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Thought I fell off the face of the earth too!

I haven't. But let me say it's just been no time for me blog. I have many issues to discuss. But I won't. What's the point now? The first thing though.... Life since moving back to Oregon has sort of sucked. We were perfectly happy in Arizona. Though who is to say that the same sort of crap wouldn't have happened in Arizona? I admit to meeting some wonderful people though- and I can't trade that for anything. I have a great home... great family- but I'm just not a happy camper. So I'm closing the store in January. Going back to work full-time. Cam in a sweet way is happy about it all. In the mean time we have lost our asses in our retirement. So have a lot of other people I know I know. I'm pissed off about the government bailing out the BIG companies & then sweeping us little people under the rug.. oh so sorry- too bad we can't help you. I have called & tried. But it's no use unless I am some BIG freakin' corporation. Okay that was my vent on that. As for closing the store. It's been like a card game. And I have to know when to fold them & know when to walk away. It's time to do just that. We have to close for more than 1 reason. The company that brought us back here isn't doing all that well either. And Dan could be let go in a heartbeat. With a house & all.. we can't afford it. Just neither of us wants to be caught with our pants down. Insurance is an issue now as well. Dan will find another job in the area. I have one already & it's with an alarm company that I have done work in the past. The owners have been waiting for me to work full-time with them. So when I asked.. they jumped on it. Anyhoo- saying that. I am okay with the closing. I feel bad in a lot of ways.. but what do you do?

Cameron struggled last quarter with school. He is just being a lazy butt & not handing in work. I realize the transition between 6th & 7th grade isn't easy. Though he was in middle school last year- it's still a huge thing. Going from hardly any homework to a butt-load of it! He has a few tough teachers. Doesn't like one. I am so thankful though to have the math teacher he has. Karma is the best. She really working with us & helping Cam. Now if we can just get him to actually hand in the homework & do his reports-- we are good. I just wanna strangle the tweenie bopkid.

Thanksgiving was a little tough this year. The first year we lost my dad Thanksgiving & his birthday feel on the same day. It did this year & part of me just wanted to go away & forget the whole Thanksgiving thing. But- Terry & Sandy thought I should cook... LOL So I did. Dan gave the Turkey a big bath in hot oil & I made the stuffing & the trimmings. Terry- Sandy- Hal- Dale Mom Edie & Dad Dale all joined us at our house. It was a bit boring for Cam... no kids. But it was nice. It made the day a little easier. Thanksgiving is still a tough one. It gets easier but it's still not the same.. and never will be for me. I told Dan next year I just want to do nothing.. let me watch A Christmas Story & Elf all day long. Order Pizza!! LOL Okay we all know that will never happen. But I can think it at the moment.
We will be heading to Seattle for Christmas this year! Cam & I are excited! We will be with my family & see Stephanie (Dan's younger sister) Steve & Nic on Christmas Day & they will all have dinner with my family. Still no word from my MIL.. oh so sad I am ::insert evil grin::
I have shopping pretty much done. A few this & that. I am making a few things. that is the way Christmas is this year. I'm sure for a lot of you. Guess this is it. I will try to stay on top. I promise. Just I had no happy tales to tell. still don't but hey.. at least I'm telling now!


Blogger Sherri said...

good to see you back and hear what is going on. hang in there. Hopefully the economy will get better. I know what you mean about retirement accounts. same for us in college funds, right when we need to draw out and use them

2:02 PM  
Blogger Laurie said...

((hugs0) I'm sorry to hear about the store but it's great that you have a job and a plan! this economy stinks

6:32 AM  

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