The Happy Scrappy Beach Girl

Thought it was high time I update this part. What is this bog all about? Not much- just this & that & if I ever get back to my own scrapping- that will & can be included. So grab a martini- pitcher of margaritas or some wine and come on over!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

where as the time gone?

I have noooo idea where it has gone. I mean 2 days until Thanksgiving & 34 days until Christmas?? Holy smokes Batman!! Am I ready for Thanksgiving?? Sort of. I have the wine.. the turkey. .does anything else matter? I guess it does. I am as ready as I'll be. I wanted to put up Christmas decorations last weekend & Dan said noooo-- gotta wait until AFTER Thanksgiving? what? are you kidding me?- he isn't. We all I know I could so win this putting up Christmas decorations- but I am choosing my battle for another day & another something else..LOL My SIL- BOTH of them- have Christmas decorations up already. However- I am listening to Christmas music in the car! hee hee. The weather has been insane here. Wind gust up to 70mph in our area last week. No power for a few days here & there. We were out one night for just 3 hours or so. Cooked dinner in the dark. That was kind of fun. I know a lot of people lost homes or about too further down the coast. It's so sad to think that. It's getting colder in the mornings & evenings. I have been working in my scraproom. Not as much as I should. I don't know why I haven't. Getting into a funk I guess. I am also frustrated with not being able to get some photos off to scrap. These photos aren't even mine. I'll get over it. So needless to say I am behind in a swap due to this. So I'll have to finish one up before this one. But I think I'll be forgiven. Just have to go on bending knee. Shannon is moving & I am so happy for her. Not the packing or actual moving- but the house & just a new home. I am not doing Christmas cards this year. just not in the budget & I figure everyone will get over it. I better run. Thought I should do some catch up.. afterall its' a been awhile. Sorry 'bout that.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

So 14 days until Thanksgiving?

so that means like 45 days until Christmas?! Holy Schmoley. I am usually so being ready fro the Christmas Holiday. My friend Jen had me realize I have yet to make a dent in the shopping. ::sigh::. Cameron is getting to the age of harder to buy for. Clothes he hates to get.. but what boy really likes to get clothes? I have a lot of stuff to still make. I shouldn't say a lot- but enough.
As far as Thanksgiving is going we are having dinner at our house. Dan's mom is coming & her friend from childhood- Sharon. Sharon has a brother & he is bringing his family. My SIL & her family are driving down from Seattle. So it will be a nice. I just have to keep my MIL out of my kitchen. She will drive me to drink..Oh she already did that! She has already had a "fit" about the freaking mashed potatoes ::rolling eyes:: Dan is a HUGE GRINCH this time of year. I can never figure out what he has to be a grinch about. I mean he doesn't do much of anything. Okay the lights- but I help- the tree- again- I help. The shopping?? oh please he does none of it. Just for me.. that is it. He sees a Christmas commercial on TV & gets grumpy. Cameron told him last night that he just needed to go sleep the holiday off & get back to us in January. I tend to agree with the child. Cameron has the day off from school- In Service Day. Then off tomorrow Veteran's Day. So I'm heading off to go get him & a friend to play & eat me out of house & home. I have a scratchy throat today so I hope I'm not getting the crummy cold that is going around.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I have no idea..

Where the time has gone. Seems these past few weeks have just flown by yet seems I have NOTHING to show for it..LOL why is that? Well halloween went off without any glitches. This was Cam for halloween- Wolverine-X-men. He enjoyed it & I swear the last year I am even buying a dang costume. The years before he was so good about coming up with something you couldn't even find a costume for.. what happned to that child?

I hosted a Friday Night Crop last Friday. It went fine. Just 6 of us including myself. I am hoping ti get more- but we'll see what happens. I have decided not to have the dinner included & dropped it down to $10. My MIL calls me Sunday saying her manager is a scrapbooker & used to own a store. My ears perked up & as my gf Liane says "Your LSS may just be in front of you" I know!! and yet it is driving me crazy since I don't even have the cash flow. Yet- I know this is something that can work here. We have ONE LSS store within the 5 towns all adjoining. I know I could do it. I swear god is messing me right now..LOL So now I have to do some careful consideration & really think about it. I have the perfect spot for a store. In the place I am working at & currently holding the crops on the once a month. Its' right on the main highway going through town. Dan looks at me & says he knows it could work.. he knows I want too.. but again.. the cash flow comes into place. So I have to sit down & think more serious about this. I know we wouldn't make any money the first year. I just have to see what I can do & come up with. On a side note- I don't think the rain will ever stop here. It's been going since Thursday. I am sick sick sick of it. These poor people further south of us are flooding. Doesn't help at all when the tide comes in. Its' just a big mud pit in some places. And more rain is happening. It can stop now.. really we have enough for a a few weeks thank you very much!