The Happy Scrappy Beach Girl

Thought it was high time I update this part. What is this bog all about? Not much- just this & that & if I ever get back to my own scrapping- that will & can be included. So grab a martini- pitcher of margaritas or some wine and come on over!

Monday, March 31, 2008

Been thinking

Of many things the past few days. Just stupid things. I guess I have come to realize that in general I am a happy person, but not happy with being where I am at this point in my life. Don't get me wrong. I am happy with my family- Dan & Cameron. I realize I have put myself in this so called life of mine. Living at the beach is just fine. Though I guess what I miss the most is not having any friends really. I spoke with my GF from Phoenix the other night- Sandy. She called to just say hello & she was thinking of me since she had a bad husband day & was wanting to get out of the house. .she realized I was always her escape- "Denise lets go have a drink". I was with her in a heartbeat. After almost 4 years it dawned on both of us. We don't have that anymore. Sandy did find someone to have a drink with. But we talked about how we had our monthly girls night or evening out in Arizona with about 4-6 others. We miss it. miss terribly now- more than ever. Guess because I just don't have that here. Not to get pity here- but I have to wonder-- it must be me & I must be a bit of a bad friend. I don't mean to be.. I know I get caught up in things. I think I just have to make a better effort. I mean its' not anyone elses problem or fault. It' s mine- I know this. I can deal with this.. I can fix it?? I think. I know be positive. Guess it just feel better to get it out. So I need to stop whining.. sorry. Maybe that's my problem.. I whine tooo much?? What else.. having the store I find myself with not as much freedom in my life as I use to have. That would be the selfish thing in me.. go figure. SO where & what do I want? I think like most people.. you always want more. What more do I want? More time- freedom- money- and friends. What do I do? Not sure yet. Just these were the stupid really unimportant things I was thinking. Maybe not so unimportant- but still.. just a thinking!!
On a scrappy note: I am working on some mini albums. I decided.. well Dan & I decided we are going to do the gift show they have here in November. He's making some little things.. some pretty cool things. I'm going to make some mini albums for the gift show. Maybe some other things as well.
On one more scrappy note: This is pretty funny if you haven't seen this... check it out - Life of a Scrappers Husband

Friday, March 28, 2008


It's been too quiet her on my blog..must be me?! :o) So I was looking at the Simple Scrapbook Blog & sad to hear Stacy Jillian is leaving SS. While looking I found this & though this has been around to some- just thought I'd do some tagging myself.

The rules: Link to your tagger and post these 3 rules on your blog.* Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.* Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.* Let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

Seven Facts About Me:
1. My maiden name is Marbaugh.
2. I had major surgery when I was 9 years old.. 64 stitches to be exact. I had part of my lung removed along with a "lobe". I had the surgery in Seattle & was suppose to be in the hospital for 2 weeks.. I was out in 6 days!
3. I hated Middle school (7th & 8th grade) I was this skinny (hard to believe) bean pole & nothing EVER fit me right except dresses- and I hated wearing dresses in school. So my grandma ended up buying me 5 pairs of the SAME pants. I was teased soo bad at school. On top of that I had the braces & and the boys made fun of my last name.. called me MarWearNoBra- yep flat as a board too! Moved to Portland in 79 & during my Sophomore year in high school went back up to see some friends who were nice to me in middle school- and those boys who made fun of me were asking me to dance.. I remember saying to them in a not so nice way- "Bite Me" :o)
4. I have lived in the following states: Washington- Oregon - Arizona & California.
5. My husband & my best friend from when I was a child- they were born on the SAME day- SAME hospital & even had 1 of the SAME doctors.
6. I have a guilty pleasure show- CBS show Big Brother this season- I've never watched it & find myself kind of enjoying it for some odd reason. Started watching because I read a gal from Oregon was on it.
7. I would love to pack up & move to Seattle to be near my family & my SIL.

I'd like to tag...A few people you already know:

Have fun. Thanks

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Spring Break is here

At the beach. Weather is - yuck at the moment. However- yesterday was nice enough Cam & his cousins went to the beach.

Easter Sunday was nothing much. Cam actually spent the night at friends house the night before. So Dan & I cleaned the house-- woo-woo! His sister Stephanie came & my niece- Nicole. We haven't seen them since Christmas- so it was nice. Steve - the husband- stayed home. I like having Steve around.. he is not going to be happy though- Dan broke his favorite clock we have in the main guest room. It was this clock that made these different sounds- like the beach (we live at though) rain- stream- heart beat (I know weird)- thunderstorms & bunch others.. anyhoo- he looooved it... sorry Steve! They left today though. Steph had to get back to work & Coley had dance tonight. Dan's older sister's youngest daughter- Lindsay & 2 of her friends are now here. They arrived yesterday. Poor Dan & Cam.. they are sooo out numbered. Cam is calling friends.. please come over. Lindsay being with her friends- she doesn't do so much with Cam.. he get sit. He really does. He just misses her though. I must say Cam & Nic got a long well. They are more like siblings then cousins.. so at times by 3 days they are just at each others nerves. They did really really well. Played games & everything.
We ended up having dinner though with my MIL. Now mind you.. she isn't speaking to me.. or Dan. Know real clue as to why-- but she isn't. Though apparently she is dragging up things from 10 years ago I said.. that none of us remember.. but she does. I am a liar- bitch & whatever else. Does it bother me?? No- Do I care? No. I have done nothing wrong & Dan & his siblings know this. She has 4 kids 7 only speaking to 1- Stephanie. I am good just writing her off. Can I?depends on Dan. He has basically written her off as well. She will die a lonely woman.. and that of course will be my fault in some way.. not sure how.. but lets just blame Denise.. :o) Oh dinner- it was horrible- not the food.. the whole feeling of it. My MIL didn't even look at her own son. I was nice. I mean the saying goes- keep your friends close & your enemy's closer. I just treated her like any other person I dislike.. be nice- be cordial--- move on (evil grin)
The store has busy the past few days. Spring break does this.. yeah!! Cam is registered for camp Kiwanilong- yeah! Dan & I are looking into heading to San Francisco this summer for a few days. We want to head to Seattle as well. Later!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Another Week

On to another week. I must admit March is flying by! We had friends in for the weekend which was nice. So yes- a baby in the house. Miranda.. who really was and is a good baby. Though she wasn't too sure of Megan.. so every time Meg came in the room Miranda's face got "squishy". So poor Meg-pie was sent to sit over by one of us. She was indeed jealous of the "baby". Cam himself wasn't so sure about Miranda. He was asked if he would hold her.. he kindly refused. No surprise.. though. The whole baby thing just intimidates him. Maybe that is a good thing.
Sunday company wanted to go into Seaside. Cam & his friend John came along & we ran into the "Hat Shop" the place has a lot of hats that are just fun to try on & get some fun silly photos- which I did!
The summer camp thing has rolled around again- we got our registration in the mail for Camp Kiwanilong today. Cam is wanting to do Junior High week this year as well as a regular week. He really does have fun & as long as he can keep going-- he will.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Cam is 12

So this long over due by about a week. Cameron turned 12 last Friday. WOW. He is definitely growing up yet still has the little boy in him at times. Dan & I gave him a phone for his birthday. We just got one of those TracFones.. a test to see how responsible he can be with his minutes & the phone itself. Pretty sure though we'll be heading into a Verizon dealer before the end of the school year adding him on. Friday night on his actual Birthday- which was the 7th- we had his friend Dalton with us & did dinner- a place he wanted to go- plus went bowling. Saturday he invited 3 boys & we took them to Laser Tag & then 2 of the boys spent the night. It wasn't like last year where we had 8 or 9 little boys up all night. Did that once.. no thank you to it again.
I seem to be doing more now in the work life. I worked last year for an alarm company part-time& he asked me if I'd do some work for him He had some things that I had done in the past & just asked me to catch him up. So why not? Just makes my days longer. I go in at 7:30 or so & then work the store until 5. Wouldn't be so bad if I got an actual lunch break to go home or eat elsewhere.. but life of a owner-- doesn't happen. :o) But I am doing this extra work so the alarm I have in my store-- He'll pay the monitoring for the rest of the year.. hey works for me I tell ya! Anything over that-- just will pay me- again works for me I tell ya!
We have some company coming this weekend. Dwight & his wife Lora with their bay daughter- Miranda. It will be nice-- just going to be strange having a baby in the house for a few days. Megan will be so jealous. She will not know what to do. Gra-Ce?? who knows. she is such a little naughty brat. I told Cam the other day-- come on lets get rid of her-- I'll get you a puppy! He refuses. A PUPPY.. nope-- no puppy. Gra-Ce can be so funny & cute at times though. She likes to sleep in the garage at night- which really is fine by us since she wrecks havoc in the house at night while we sleep. She has a little carrier she sleeps in. we leave the door open of the carrier- she took the blanket that was in the Carrier & found some Christmas garland that was in a box & drug it out of the box into the carrier.. then found a Santa hat in the same box-- and that is now in her carrier.. along with a sack and 2 dryer sheets. NO idea where the dryer sheets came from. However- she continues to just attack Cameron & Megan at random. Oh the life of having pets. So anyone want a gray cat?

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

CK Photos!

Monday, March 03, 2008

Weekend Fun

CK was this past weekend & it was a lot of fun. I went into Portland Friday morning & met up with Liane for the morning then with some other girls who work at the store & attend the crops... Terry- Sandy- Colleen- Michelle & "mom Edie" - who is Terry & Sandy's mom. We walked around - shopped - ate - cropped!! We even met Ali Edwards... woohoo! Yes- silly us were matching- shirts- slippers (they were frogs) little heart doodlebug head thingies. We couldn't be missed! And for the record- we only wore these at the crop. While shopping we just matched with shirts. From the left: Sandy- Michelle- Ali- Terry & Me. I manged to do 7 9x9 lay-outs. I have yet to photograph them. I will though & add them to the blog. A lot of fun stuff. So glad I was able to go. Dan was sweet enough to open the store Saturday morning. He was fine until about 11:30 & about 6 gals came in.. I got a phone call of help. :o) He did just fine. I wasn't too far behind. The women thought he was cute & sweet for letting me go & filling in for a few hours.
Anyhoo- it was fun. Can't wait until next year!!