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Thought it was high time I update this part. What is this bog all about? Not much- just this & that & if I ever get back to my own scrapping- that will & can be included. So grab a martini- pitcher of margaritas or some wine and come on over!

Friday, November 30, 2007

When did I become so stupid?

As a parent?? when did this happen?? After all- Dan & I know NOTHING. My son of 11 years old 8 months & 23 days knows more than we do. Just amazes us.. what did we ever do before he realized he knew more? and then when he says sorry. All this time I thought it was sorrY. not sssaaaoooorrreeeeA! I really need to go back to school guess. Did I always know more than my mom or dad? Thinking I probably THOUGHT I did. My neighbor tells me this.. between 12 & 24.. as a parent you know nothing- you are THE idiot and it's quite clear we don't know what it's like to 11 years old-8 months & 23 days old.. or for that matter to be 16 - 18 - any of those ages. Doesn't matter that you were once their age.. you don't get it.. never will. BUT there is hope he says-- what is that? He says- between 25 & 30 they are remorseful.. and realize you did know what you were talking about-- of course they now have kids of their own & so they know nothing & they are an idiot! So we have hope!! woo-woooo!! My SIL tells me that you have to remember what they were like at 3-5..because at 12-16 they revert back to that. That said it has Dan & I thinking.. kewl.. it was easier back then.. and we did know a thing or 2!! Hope is a float!!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

ssooooo sloooowwwww

Its' soo slow in the store.. not even funny. But it's slooow everywhere here. I still say it just sucks! So yesterday I took the day a did a wee bit of shopping. Went to Eddie Bauer & it was dead there too. I manged to get my uncle a nice polar fleece vest type jacket.. though not a jacket-- oh you know what I mean? right? plus my mom some long sleeve shirts. Nothing exciting.. but it was something! Did more decorating at the house. Gra-Ce loooves everything about the Christmas stuff being out. She has new things to sniff-- play with & bonk off the table or anywhere else. She can't wait for the tree now! I told her she is a very naughty kitty & Santa isn't even bringing her a lump of coal. I still have stuff to finish making.. being lazy about that. Cameron has a school concert coming up.. as to the date?? no idea.. but I really need to get on him about as to WHEN it is.

Maybe I'll THINK about doing some baking this weekend. Catch ya'll later.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

How many shopping days??

No-- really how many?? I refuse to even count.. do I want too?? Have I done any?? not really. when will I have time?? who really knows??
Well today my dad would have been 67.. wow.. so Happy Birthday Dad aka Papa. Still is strange without him around. I know he is around in some ways.. like I swear he is always messing with one of the pieces of art in the house.. Dan says it has got to be him.. since Dan isn't fond of the piece at all. My dads way of messing with him :o) Anyhoo- have a good one.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

What a great Turkey Day

So Thanksgiving was great. It was great to see family & spend some time with them. Though it's never enough time. The drive was good heading up. No complaints.. well just that Cameron didn't want Burgerville & I did. Cam wanted Wendy's.. so Dan said fine.. I'll do both- . Okay- not what we asked but since you offered!! :o) We got up to Seattle about 2ish & since we were going north traffic was going pretty good. GOOD thing I tell ya since if you were heading SOUTH.. you were in this 23 mile back up. I kid you not. I swear traffic FOR NO REASON.. just amazes me that there isn't more road rage in that city. Maybe there is & I just don't know it. We just stayed in & visited with my aunt. It was very nice. I did make pumpkin pie & all was good. Thursday we headed over to my other aunts & Dan's sister's family joined us. The day was a good one.
We headed back yesterday & made good time coming home. Got back around 2:30. Headed over to some friends house for leftover turkey dinner, which was fine by me. Tonight it's Pizza delivery man night. Cam has a friend over.. Even. So they have managed to drink a entire liter of Mt Dew.. and a bag of chips. .popcorn & pretty sure the ice cream is gone. .and they still have until tonight.. eegads! hey they are having fun & being good!
So now the shopping begins. I usually have started by now. I have done a few things.. but not much. It will get done. We still aren't sure what were doing Christmas Eve.. looks like Seattle is a no go. So maybe we'll wander into town & spend it with the Donovan's.. leave early Christmas morning so they have their time as a family & we can get home & open Santa presents!! We'll see how it goes & who knows.. anything can happen & change.... just not gong to worry about it. We have Christmas at our house this year. So far the MIL tells Danny- I'm not doing Christmas" yea- whatever. I know that is wishful thinking on my part. She'll come.. she always plays this game.
Hope everyone had a good Turkey day! It was a thankful day for me. It was great to be with family & that I am thankful for.

Monday, November 19, 2007

So the weekend

went well. I stayed home and rested mostly. Saturday I came into the store for a little bit and have had this headache hanging since Thursday. Sandy was here & she did great. She offered to work Sunday & I took it & slept most of Sunday. Do I feel better?? SURE DO!! Last thing I wanted was to be sick on Thanksgiving!
So the Friday Night with Isaac over.. went fine. We then had him all day Saturday & he & Cam were doing good. Though Isaac did try his hardest to get Cam in trouble a few times. But it never worked. I told Isaac- your wasting your time & mine trying to get him in trouble.. I think you should worry about you & how NOT to get into trouble. Isaac wears this "badge of honor" that he has been suspended 3 times already this year. The last one.. for telling a teacher she was a "f'in bitch". So then after hearing this.. I say to Dan.. and he just spent the night with us? Thinking on the note what was the punishment for saying that to his teacher? and though it's not my business or my child I am just floored. Dan replies-- you know he has his mother wrapped tight & he runs the house. I KNOW this.. but I just can not wrap this whole thing around my head that he just had in house/school suspension. I realize we all raise our children differently.. but I look at the friends I have & I know if any of these kids ever did what Isaac did.. it would be hell week at home. Thing is.. none of these kids would never do that because they know better. It all comes down to the respect thing. Anyway- Cam wanted to spend the night at Issac's on Saturday & so we let him. He went o church with them. Dan wasn't thrilled about that.. and not so much that he went. .. more of why didn't Amy say they were going to church? not a big deal.. but why? I said- we know she goes.. and Cam knows he can say I want to go home.. Cam came home later that day & I asked how church was.. he replied it was better than Mamaks (Dan's mom) church. I asked if he went to the service & he said he did. He saw friends from school. He said he MIGHT want to go again. I said okay. He asked if I would take him.. I said sure. He asked if it was really okay. I replied to him.. Cam..we will never force the church thing on you.. your dad was forced to go & this is why he won't go.. among other things.. but we decided long ago that it would be your choice.. and we will always support it & yes- I will be happy to take you. We waited for the "how come we don't go" question.. but it didn't come.
As everyone else we are on a short week at school. We will be taking off fro Seattle Wednesday morning. The store is closed on Wednesdays now.. and then I'll close Friday too. I can't compete with black Friday. And who does this?? I mean up at 3am?? are you crazy? is it worth it?? okay- probably to some.. but my sleep is worth more than a few bucks..LOL
Happy Thanksgiving to all!!

Friday, November 16, 2007

The Curse of being #2 claims

the Ducks. Ducks lost last night to the unranked UofA Wildcats in Tucson- 24-34. Ducks are the 5th team to be knocked out-- USC- California- Boston College- & South Florida. So no National title this year for the Ducks. UofO quarterback- Dennis Dixon went down with a knee injury & wasn't able to return to the game. So the Ducks just went down hill. They are a good team. Not that UofA is a better team.. they aren't. When Dixon was in he was running circles around the Wildcats. Had Dixon been able to play the rest of the game-- the Ducks would have won. Not saying Dixon is a one man team.. but Brady Leif who is the 2nd string QB.. let me just say I think Cam could have done better than he did. 2 interceptions.. he just couldn't complete a pass. So okay.. done with that. I know Mike & Liane are just happy has those Wildcats can be. I told Cam he has to burn his UofA shirt now..LOL he said nope.. they are a Pac-10 team mom. I say-- okay- so are the Huskies are you wearing one of those shirts?? NO WAY mom-- the are bad dawgs...LOL

So tonight Isaac is spending the night. I told Dan to head to the Wine House & get a few good bottles of wine.. I'll need it! Isaac isn't really too bad of a kid. He just hasn't been taught to be more respectful.. he claims to be the victim every time & can't keep his mouth shut half of time & wonders why he is trouble. Cam can take him in small doses these days. So it does surprise me that he wanted Isaac to sleepover. We'll see how it goes.

I went & had lunch with Liane Wednesday. We ate & then I wanted to check out a scrapbook store in far away Northeast Portland. We get to the store & Liane hasn't really been out of the house in awhile since she had been sick. She gets a phone call from Mike- her adorable husband-
that there oldest son Alec needs to come home. He is a kid with Aspergers & in 8th grade. A very smart kid who did his math lessons & then the teacher tells him.. sorry no credit for this. Well- the teacher is dumbass! I mean to tell that to a child who doesn't have Aspergers is upsetting- so now tell it to a child WITH it. Of course she didn't know all that until after we got back to her house STILL- Liane being the sweetie she is.. let me cruise around the store a bit & even sat down to figure out how to make this adorable 6x6 book for me. So excited about that. I just feel bad that she has had to deal with this teacher who has become a PITA to her son & her..LOL
Thanksgiving is coming next week? who is ready?? HA! Me?? since I'm not cooking I sure am. We are heading to Seattle to have dinner with my family & Dan's sister's family will be attending as well. I just have to make pies.. works for me. Had we stayed in town.. still wouldn't be cooking! we had invites to a few places & surly would have gone to the Wade's Party House.. I mean dinner... anyhoo we will miss seeing them & the Donovan's this Thanksgiving. Okay - gotta run to get some things up & out.. and my wine. Cheers!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Back to reality

back to life!! The weekend went well. I swear I didn't get much done.. yet I was busy. Go figure. I'll post later what I did. I have to complete the journaling on them. They had a computer but they forgot a cord for it so I wasn't able to journal. I know I could actually WRITE.. but just don't wanna!! The weekend went by fast. Dan had to help a friend move that Saturday so he went into Portland Friday night- Cameron went to Jewell & stayed with Dalton. So Friday night it was just me- the dog & the stupid cat. I did leave about 3ish & Colleen & I stayed until about 11:30pm. Then we were back up in Astoria about 9ish. It was a good day- good fun. The "sisters" who put it on did a great job.. and lots of fun. It was a little tamed.. a lot of us were just too busy to be the monkeys I think we all can be. but it was nice. I'd like to go to another in April if I can. We will see.
My MIL is playing another one of her games. Dan went to take her home from work yesterday since she got in this "accident".. she won't elaborate- so probably a stupid F^&* her thing she did. She has been really "weird" as Dan says- just "short answers" and obviously mad at him me- all of us. Who knows? He told his mom that David (his brother) and Larry weren't coming for Christmas.. (Christmas for the Dawson side is at our house this year)- anyhoo- the MIL says that we should just not do Christmas. I'm thinking- how about you NOT do Christmas & we'll be fine with just the rest of the family. Whatever. I'm so sick of these childish games she plays.. how old are you?? I called Stephanie last night (the younger sister) & she says" well go back into the archives- what did you do 2 months- or even 2 years ago that now she is mad about"? sad- but true.. so it must be something that comes up waaay back. I know when staph & I sat down to discuss the Christmas plans a few years back & the MIL says to me... what gives you 2 the right to determine where & when Christmas is.. I said well Christmas is the same time every year & we decide since it's OUR house.... thank you very much. So I'm sure that is burning her STILL. I mean COME ON-- get over it already. In reality- I have no idea what it is & frankly I just could really careless.. except it's taken out on my husband-- HER son.. and that just ticks me off. I'm sure Steph called her this AM & I have no idea if she ignored the call or just was in her sweet self personality- "what?? nothing is wrong sweetheart" oh puke me out!
So now tomorrow I am going into Portland.. having lunch with Liane.. and I want to go to a scrapbook store. Imagine that!? Liane is soo sorry to be dragged to that!-- sarcasm IS involved there. So is everyone ready for Turkey Day?? and what is everyone doing? We are going to Seattle & having it with my aunts- my mom & Stephanie & her family. Oh I'm sure that is another thing that bothers my MIL- that Steph & her family are invited..whatever. BUT- looking forward to that- spending the time with my family.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Going on a Crop

Yep- I am going on a crop that isn't even mine! But I feel I need too- I feel I need to just go & do my own thing. It's just up in Astoria through a group called The Scrapping Sisters. They do retreats. I decided to go for a personal reason PLUS to see how these gals do it & because of the store thinking I can be one they call next time they have a retreat here. Though "the other store" is closer.. I hope to get a few gals. we'll see..since apparently we carry the freaking shit! Yep- that's right. I realize we'll carry some of the same shit but since I am itty bitty-- I can't afford to carry A LOT of the same shit. I know scrapbook stuff isn't shit- but it's what I am calling it at this point since I'm soo irked & bummed at the same time. I'll get over it as I usually do. It just chaps my hide that the reps we BOTH have.. won;'t kiss & tell. I was really nice about asking one rep & even said I realize this may be stepping on some toes.. but I am a small store & if I am going to make it I need to know. So WTF then?? ::sigh:: okay nuff said on that because I'll just get more pissed off. However- I feel better writing this. I have vented to Sai-who has a hair salon near me.. he said it will get better.. I sure in hell hope so!!!

Cameron started basketball. In 5th & 6th grade they do these practices for weeks.. then put teams together for tournaments after the holidays. His friends are playing so he is happy about that. Since before he left he had these mixed feelings. We suggested he go & see how he like sit-- then he can decide. We also said.. once you commit yourself.. you have to finish it. He agreed & now is glad he had him go "try it out".

Not much else going on.... just day to day. I did post some LO I have done.. not much but these are fro the store. I don't do 12x12's much any more. So I think I'll do my 9x9 & just double mat them on 12x12.. or the hell with it & just show the 9x9x.. ?? anyhoo- hope you all have a good weekend! Since I probably won't post until Monday or Tuesday!

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Tag Tag-- your it

Ann nabbed me. So I'm just doing the simple copy & paste from Ann-- so she says:
Da Rules:1. Link to your tagger and post these rules. (check- check)2. Share 7 facts about yourself: some random, some weird. (7? really 7?? )3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post and list their names (linking to them). (check-check)4. Let them know they've been tagged by leaving a comment at their blog. (we can do that)
So here we go-
My Turn:1. I am addicted to Starbucks.. sad but true. 2.I still have scrapbook stuff in the spare room-or formerly known as the SCRAP ROOM and I never use it. 3. I want to win the lottery- and not just a $20 pot-- more like .. AT least 20k 4. Men are 6 times more likely to be struck by lightning than women! useless fact of the day 5. I hate doing laundry-cleaning the cat box AND my floors 6. I miss having a best girl friend- one that lives NEAR me.. or me near her.7. I am so excited for the friends & family days at GAP & Old Navy.. woohoo- !!

Tagging: 4 is all I have.. others I was going to tag have been!




Friday, November 02, 2007

Just cause

I thought I should blog again. Okay- the photo was taken on Dan's 42nd Birthday- which was last Friday. He hated me taking it- but I got it!!

I have been rearranging the store a bit-- now I have no place for all these dang stickers I have. I am behind in a few things in my life and I still am looking for the balance. Though I think Dan figured out what I meant when I did tell him I felt I had no balance & his reply was a "what? I don't get it- what do you mean no balance?". I go on trying to explain & he just is driving along and says" Oh look deer".. well okay fine guess were done. I know he cares.. he just does that because he truly doesn't know what to do. Though he did do some laundry yesterday & is REALLY great about keeping the house up. He does what he normally did.. it's the things I do that aren't getting done then he yelled at me. I just looked at him & gave him the bird...LOL he replies.. "WHAT?? what did I do"?? Oh Dan god love you but go away..LOL But I think as I was saying he got it because I totally forgot to pay the house electric bill & we get this shut off notice. I said oops.. shit-- forgot. he says how can you forget?? I said ummm.. I just did give me a break. I said look I just have so much to do & not enough time. I mean right now I am blogging & I really should be on line doing my bill pay! :o)
Not sure if I told you all.. okay- first I realize Shannon & I have this "arrangement" with our kids ::wink wink:: ANYHOO-- I get a call from my SIL who has 4 girls in her car including my niece Nicole- her friends are wanting to talk with Cameron- they think he is cute. So the girls are in the background laughing- screaming- giggling& I am thinking-- I am so freaking glad I have a boy.. BUT I had to tell the girls that he has a girlfriend-- yep- he does. The same one he had in 5th grade- they are back together. Her name is Alex. She really is sweet- Liane knows who she is.. anyhoo- she wrote Cammy (as she calls him) a letter asking him to circle one- time to do one of the following.. holding hands- hugging or kissing? Cam shows me the letter & I asked him what he was going to do.. he replies- "I'm thinking we need to take it slow- so thinking hugging & hand holding" I'm thinking wow. my baby.. he is so doing the right thing. I said to Dan.. you think the kissing thing is intimidating for him? Dan said probably- but he will talk to friend.. probably Dalton. I said and Dalton knows these things?? LOL So Today Dan asked him when he got off the bus.. SO HAND HOLDING--HUGGING? I'm saying Dan- stop- leave him alone. He'll tell you later. Yes- I'm dieing to know.. but he will tell us. He said Alex has a dry earase baord that says " I "heart" Cammy D" how cute. Will I think this is cute in 4 years?? oh man I have no idea..LOL no no no. THIS is why this "arrangement" is so good...LOL

Thursday, November 01, 2007


Last night went ... well okay. Cam went as Indiana Jones. AT the last minute his friend Isaac decided to go with us. He was this inflatable bull.. pretty funny actually. So the boys head out to our neighborhood. we let them go just the 2 of them. Cam called me when he was done with our neighborhood- which is maybe 25-30 homes- and not all full-time homes. Anyhoo- after that we went to the Outlet Mall- which was very quiet. It was a nice night- chilly- but not windy. Isaac's mom- Amy met us at the mall. The conversation goes as this:

Issac: "I want to go to the rich peoples house"

Cam: "What makes them rich- because they live on a hill? and what makes you think the candy is any better than what we have"?

Isaac: "MY mom says the candy is better"

Amy: "Well when I was your age it was what they gave out FULL size candy bars"

Cam: "like the ones my mom gave us"?

Isaac: " yes- but they do it all the houses"

Cam: "I seriously doubt it- but fine- I'll go. and by the way-I'm just getting the same stuff now & I can only eat so much candy until it gets thrown out at Christmas & I get more"

Isaac: "Don't be a party pooper Cameron"

Cam: "I'm not- just saying AND I said I'd go- I'm going"

Me: "Sure you want to go"?

Cam: "Yes"

And off they went. Then they get home & apparently Some kid hit Isaac while trick or treating. And now they want him to talk with the Vice Principal. So what happened? Some kid asked Isaac if he could see out of his costume- Isaac says yes- then the kid hits him- Isaac swings his bag of candy around & hits the kid. 3 more kids start coming over- by now Cam is around the corner & yelling for Amy. Cam said he recognizes the kids from school -but doesn't know who the names. He does see is soccer team mate Luis- which Cam says he has no idea if Luis was with these kids. Amy wants Cam to talk with the counselor & VP- I said I don't want Cam in the middle. I think the kid probably was goofing off & didn't realize that when he hit the snout of the costume- he'd actually hit Isaac- Isaac reacted- and so now it was going to be free for all. I told Amy- what do you expect the school to do? It wasn't on school grounds during school. Cam said he thinks I am right- the kid didn't realize.. it was an accident. Cam also said- Mom- Isaac didn't open his mouth this time- I didn't hear him say anything to the kid bad- & why would someone just hit someone for no reason? If Isaac had opened his mouth like usual- then okay- but he didn't. I told him- that is why I think the kid didn't mean it. Isaac reacted as he knows how. I asked Cam how he would have reacted- he replied- I don't know?. :o)Other than that Cam said he had a fun time.. and no big candy bars- AT ALL.....LOL I said well what did you say to Isaac.. Cam said I told him.. "nice.. some real nice BIG candy bars here--" with the look he gives Isaac when he thinks he is nuts! Which is the same look of eye-rollage I give..LOL