The Happy Scrappy Beach Girl

Thought it was high time I update this part. What is this bog all about? Not much- just this & that & if I ever get back to my own scrapping- that will & can be included. So grab a martini- pitcher of margaritas or some wine and come on over!

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Well it's over with!

The fat man came & is now gone & probably on some remote island that the tooth fairy has. It was busy month yet all worth it to see family & spend time with them, yet it's nice to be back home. AND yet still tonight we are having a small dinner & Christmas with my MIL & her childhood friend Sharon-"Aunt Sharon". I had planned on a turkey since that is what Dan wanted- ugh. But he was going to deep fry it. I said in the beginning- A turkey is hard because I can't buy it before we leave for Seattle & not enough time to defrost the thing for when we get back. Does he listen?? NO! So now we are having ham. So be it I say.
So did I get my gifts finshed?? no- we lost power for 3 days & it really messed with me. So the only things I got done were the albums for my aunt & one for my MIL. The calendars I wanted to do I never got done- however- that's okay. I did some recipe card holders- but since I just got one done I'll wait finsh the other one & give them to my aunts on Mother's Day. It's all okay. Cam had a good visit from the fat man I must say. He got a DS Nintendo- though 2 weeks before he did decide he wanted what most every other kid wanted- a Wii- but sorry charlie. so now he is asking for it for his birthday.. which is in March & my aunts both say we are crazy if we give it to him.. okay maybe we are. But we'll see.. I can't think of his birthday until at leat mid-January! He got some games for the DS plus a couple PS 2 games.. some board games as well since we have been doing a Tuesday Night Family game night- whcih has been put off socne after Thanksgiving & the fact we can only handle playing Yahtzee & Attack Uno only so many times. Some pants- which he says- here mom for you! I guess I can't blame him for not wanting clothes.. but he needs the pants. the kid is growing like an inch every 6 weeks- I swear to you! It's driving me to drink. Dan & I were treated well by the fat man as well. Clothes for me- Bath & Body works stuff- loving that! Some gift cards to shop as I please. Dan got a much needed/wanted razor- really nice. As for the 2 of us giving- I want a new cell phone & he wants to go snow boarding in February with friends.. so that worked out- though he seems to be getting the better deal!
I hope the New Year is good to all. I think Cam is stying at friends house & we are going to our boss's home for a long cocktail hour! Then we have a day of rest & back to the real world- Cam goes back to school & we are back to reality. I think Dan & I start off with the same New Years resolutions as usual- eat better- loose weight.. that never seems to go anywhere. But really I need to try harder- I slack into the old routine 2 days later. Well Happy New year to all!!

Monday, December 04, 2006

what has up??

In a nutshell life has been busy. Thanksgiving went well. No real complaints. The company was great- the food was good- hey what can I say? We had snow last week.. yes snow at the beach! We didn't have much but enough to get a few pictures & for Cam to love it- get cold & beg for hot chocolate, oh & make snowballs to throw at me- daddy & Isaac (his friend)! He was out of school last Tuesday due to snow.. it was funny since he could have walked- but 2 bus routes were not running to no school. I started Chirstmas shopping. I am one of those that if I could I'd just "power" shop & have it done with. But I did hit the Gap- Old Navy & Macy's yesterday with some of it accomplished! I have finished a few things as far as making my own gifts this year. A few I haven't even started & starting to wonder if I ever will get them done. But what gets done gets done & what doesn't- just doesn't. Hope everyone is off to a good Holiday Season. Next up is Cameron's school's Winter Concert. He has been going a round the house singing the song... MELE KALIKIMAKA .... LOL . Catch ya'll later!!

Trading Pages LO

These are the pages I did for the "trading pages" swap on the forum. I have been in the "funk" so I had been putting them off. But I saw the paper I had leftover from a nother LO I did & went through my "Cherish" book by CTMH & this is what became of it. I guess after I keep looking at it I do like how it came out. I think the colors cam out well & the photos are just too funny. As Cameron says- the totle should be Girls Are Weird! ha ha!! I hope she likes it as well. I will post the ones I got. I love mine I got. Anyhoo- that is what I have been up too. I'll update more later. REALLY- I will. Thanks for looking!