The Happy Scrappy Beach Girl

Thought it was high time I update this part. What is this bog all about? Not much- just this & that & if I ever get back to my own scrapping- that will & can be included. So grab a martini- pitcher of margaritas or some wine and come on over!

Monday, April 16, 2007

Why is it...

when you tell someone about something you are doing they find the need to pick all the negativity out?? Is it jealousy? Maybe so. Then again my MIL has always been one to just say in one sentence-- now don't let anyone tell you that you can't do it like my mother.. and I have heard that the taxes can ruin & break business. WTF?! Dan finally told her-- ya know you need to lighten up a bit. My SIL this AM who I felt was a bit negative last Friday & I even said something- she was saying she was so happy for me & liked the name & do I need help.. and she'd love to come & set Coley up with some fun things to do. Even suggested SOMETHING- a kids type camp for the summer. So I'm going to look into that & see what I can come up.. open for suggestions! LOL
Anyhoo- I actually did some scrapping yesterday. I went over to my gf house yesterday & showed her how to do a paper bag album. So I thought I'd make one for a friend who is having a baby shower in a few weeks. I'll get some pictures & post it later this week. I used Fancy Pants Kewl paper. I had to get it for the "kewl" part. Very cute-fun paper! The above "D" was made by a friend of mine I am on a yahoo group- Shell- I think it's super cute & love it. I'm going to put it in the store too. Wonder if I can talk her into making more? :0}
Cameron FINALLY started baseball practice. And he is doing really well considering he hasn't picked up a bat or ball since last summer. A few of his classmates are on the team as well. He will actually miss his first game Saturday due to a birthday party- but hey I'd pick the party too. He gets to go play Lazer Tag. I should run now.. gotta go to the bank & get a checking account for the business. So many things to do.. ::sigh:: I can't complain though. :o)

Sunday, April 15, 2007

I've Been Tagged- thanks Jen

Each player starts with 7 random facts/habits about themselves. People who are tagged need to write their own blog about their seven things, as well as these rules. At the end of your blog, you need to choose 7 people to get tagged and list their names. Don't forget to leave them a comment telling them that they have been tagged and to read your blog! OK, here goes:

1. I'm opening a scrapbook store in the town I live--I'm totally insane!

2. I have to have a Grande Non-fat White Moca from Starbucks- pretty much every weekday morning!

3. I am an only child- spoiled rotten too.. in a GOOD way though.

4. I married my high school sweetheart. Well we dated our senior year anyway.

5. I love a good margarita- and even better is a nice cool Cosmo... served by a cabana boy.

6. I never find the time to scrap for me anymore- & I am so behind on anything & everything.

7. I hate doing laundry

I am tagging: Shannon- Shakira - Vernell - Francine- -

Friday, April 13, 2007

Friday it is

It's Friday and a not so bad Friday. Though I do feel a bit.. I don't know?? As some of you may know I have been pondered the idea of opening a scrapbook store. So it went from pondering to yes- I'm going to do it. So when I tell anyone- and not many- I have some that are great-- sounds fun- I'll help ya get set up.. to my MIL who is Oh well the taxes.. and Dan who was are you sure?? I realize why he does this.. he has to play Devils Advocate.. I hate that. But if it wasn't him & my dad were still alive- he'd be doing it. AND- let me just say how much I miss my dad right now-- A LOT. Anyhoo- I guess I am in some ways wishing Dan was more excited. But how can a man be excited about scrap & card making items? Now if we had a video game place- he'd be all gung-ho. I know he is scared-- and I'm not?? I mean I can't open a Huuge store. But I have been told- suggested to start off small. I may not be able to have all the stuff the other LSS has- but with time I will:o) My family is excited & I know if I ask one of my aunts to come help.. she will. I just have to ask..LOL I just wish in some ways I had more input from someone else. Dan- he just has no idea. He can't beleive how much a 12x12 paper rack is. I got one used Wednesday & he replies " you paid $54 for that"? umm yes-- normally new $68 for just 24 shelves.. I got 48 for less than 1. He doesn't get it. Then again he still can't comprehend these crops that we pay & actually will get on a plane and go. LOL So guess this is my whinning session. I know Dan knows I can do it. Just wish he woduln't be soo negative at times.. or maybe the wrong time. He rolls his eyes if I want to talk about something about the store-- so I say nothing- then he will ask me about a catalog I'm looking at & ask why I didn't ask his opinion?! ::shake shake rattle rattle & roll:: I guess I wish I has someone going in on the store with me.. us who has the same passion I do. I know my friends do-- but not like it's them doing it. ::sigh:: I will be fine. Just had to get this off my chest & out.. seeing it. I mean everyone I talk to & tells me -minus my MIL- that they are happy for us. For me. I know the road will not be easy the first year. I'm scared.. I panic.. I drink & move on..LOL Okay if you actually made it this far.. good for you!! I got my domain for a website yesterday... I don't know if the provider of the site has it up. Just a page right now.. I wanted to get the domain & then during the summer set the site up with classes-- yaddayaddayadda. It's a start.. right???

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Soo behind I know

I realize I am soo way way behind on my blogging. Last week I worked at 2 jobs. I was filling in for vacation at one place. It wasn't too bad- just when you aren't use to it. I just am behind on stuff at home.. laundry and I HATE doing laundry. If I have Dan do it it just means shrinkage on half my shirts :o) Dan & I have talked & decided that I should go for opening a Scrapbook store. I think I can do a good job & my family is behind me on this. Cameron now is asking if my scraproom can become a "game room" LOL I'm thinking a pool table will not fit. So I am going to do it. If I fail-- then I fail. But I will never know unless I try.. afterall we'd be in the dark if Thomas Edison had thought he'd fail again & again. I will learn from the mistakes I make & I am not perfect. But I will continue to ask myself the what if.. should I not try. So let's try!
The past few weeks I have been looking at things and what to do.. yaddayadaadyadda. Time consuming it is. Dan is prepared to become the cook now.. kind of funny you know. The man can BBQ no problem. It's the rest of the cookingthat worries me. I figure the crock pot & BBQ will be his best friend. Lucky for us salad comes in a bag! Actually- I think he'll dojust fine.. hey he is willing. My MIL's boss had a LSS at one time so lucky enough for us she is wanting to get rid of some items. I have been at her house going through box-after-box-after-box.. and hopefully can come to an end of it tonight. She has a lot of paper & cardstock- whcih is nice. It will really help me out a ton. Soo much to look at- it's like I am a kid in a candy store. When I'm all set up I'll be sharing more. But now I need to go check out some web space- get Cameron some new shoes- a haircut too. Plus I have yet made it to the grocery store this week... but it's only Tuesday.. not like the boys will starve.