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Thought it was high time I update this part. What is this bog all about? Not much- just this & that & if I ever get back to my own scrapping- that will & can be included. So grab a martini- pitcher of margaritas or some wine and come on over!

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Working Saturday

I shouldn't complain & I'm not really. I just feel bad missing Cam's soccer game - though the only one will miss this season. My aunts came down for the day to watch him play. I find it so sweet that they will come this far to watch & yet he has a grandma who lives 7 minutes from the soccer field & doesn't come. Though Danny & I say we really don't want her to come. How sad is that? My dad made MOST of Cameron's baseball games when we lived in Arizona & loved it when he came. Kelly (my cousin) would come as much as she could.. again he loved it. My aunts even were able to see him play some baseball in Arizona. He loves the fact that my aunts do come to watch him play.. it means so much to him! My gf Liane & I have talked about this.. and say-- why do the good ones have to go? I mean her parents passed before both her boys were born & before she even married.. so sad they sound like they were GREAT parents & people & I wish I could have met them. Her DH parents are around.. but divorced & though they live miles away they just don't do anything for the kids.. & here my MIL lives moments away-- and nothing with Cam. Do I really want her too?? no- but point is.. why did MY dad have to be the one- why is MY mom so sick she can't spend time with her grandson? Okay- I have gone around & around with this.. and it may not get me anywhere but to bitching.. so I just had to bitch about it - again.. :o)
Dalton is coming over after the game for awhile . Dalton is Cam's best friend who lives in Jewell- which is about 30 minutes from us. They are 2-peas-in-a-pod. They have a good time. Though they have this baking thing.. they love to bake. My kitchen is later a huuuge mess & Megan seems to enjoy the "sweets" afterwards.. she steals the cookies or whatever.. such a bad dog when she does that.
I should get to the store. I just wanted to catch up & try to be behind. I have some blogging to attend to on the store one as well. Hope ya'll have a great weekend!
I have to say WTG to LIZ.. she's a part-time working gurl! Enjoy the time away from the boys girlie!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

It was 2 in one week..

Sunday October 15th we lost Lucy. Poor Cam.. he had a horrible week. And in his own words.. 'This week is the suckiest EVER!" I think I cried more for him. He had a few tears for Lucy.. but he said he had prepared himself for her dieing.. after all he said.. "she had a good gerbil life.. I mean she was the MOST spoiled rotten one I know". So with that she is resting peacefully next to Sebastian. The photo was taken about 4 days before she passed. My SIL had asked me to take some & send them to her since my niece's friend just bought 2 & they waned to see what they will look like when they get bigger. So I took these & am thankful I did. I asked Cam if he wanted an album about all his animals.. he said yes- it would be nice. .and please don't forget "Blueberry"- who was officially his first pet.. a Beta fish.. who lived for like 3 years! who knew? anyhoo- last week was a better week for him. Though he didn't do his math homework over the weekend.. and we were not aware he had any. So Dan is saying I guess we have to check.. I say-- he knows he has homework.. we ask.. he says he does or doesn't & that is the end. If he chooses to say no when in fact he does have it & chooses not to do it I am hoping he'll learn that by NOT doing it.. you get a big fat F for that assignment & then the consequences will come. What is that?? Oh I have no idea yet. He in the past has been soooo good about doing his homework or finishing it at school. So this is the first time he hasn't completed his homework. We'll see what happens in Math with it. Math is a subject he likes one day & hates the next.... just like his mom! :o)
Soccer is going well for Cam. He played a team this last week who REALLY wanted to beat us. We tied- 1-1. The boys played really well & out played the other team.. just we couldn't get a goal with what we were kicking in.. just kept missing it by a smidgen! Cameron is getting better. He isn't an aggressive kid.. so we have to remind him- get in & just go for it. He did really well this past game. He keeps saying he wants to play football next year... Dan tells him.. well if you can't get in with these boys playing soccer & shake things off.. how do you expect to shake off football? Friend or not they will knock you on your butt in the game of football. Dan & I both think he should stick with soccer. We'll see.
The store is going well. Had a huge hiccup- but holding my breath & getting through it. I am currently making a baby girl album to sell in the store. We'll see how that goes. I'm having an ALL day Crop Next Saturday. I have a few things to do in the store to get things ready.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Now the Gerbil...

Okay now it's Lucy our Gerbil. She hasn't died.. yet. She isn't doing so well though. She is cold.. and her eyes are like sealed shut-- so weird. I called the vet & he says what else?? Bring her in.. and with a $40 office visit.. you gotta wonder if it's worth it? yes- it is a memeber of our family.. but she was a $5.00 pet. Anyhoo- I don't think I can handle 2 in one week... and I know Cam can't. He is doing well with Sebastian being gone. He took more flowers over to the place we buried him. I have yet to make it since Mother Nature & I don't et along these days. I have go through the 10 foot Scotch Bloom bushes/trees to get to the place Dan buried him.
On a side note: Cameron is enjoying 6th grade at middle school. He likes the teachers- he likes his locker.. thinks it's a pretty cool thing! He is in the band & will be playing the trumpet.. which is really excited about & actually has a pretty cool one. Someone left one in apartment a while back & it's silver & a Conn- which apparently is GOOD. So after we took it in for a bath.. she is ready for a new owner! Though not sure if mom & da are ready to hear the new player.. eek!
I have a STORE blog.. so come see me their.. please!! Scrap Harbor I JUST started it this week. I also have a website.. woohoo. No shopping yet-- that will be later next year. Anyhoo- check those out!! have a Happy Day!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Trying to keep up here

That is what I am TRYING to do.

So here I go to say that yesterday was the suckiest Monday ever.. in a very long time. Our cat Sebastian finally went to play with his sister Jasmine. It was so sad. Dan & I were going to take him in yestrday & he just beat us to it. I felt horrible. He lost a lot of weight & he lost is meowing & he would dissappear for a few days on end.. but Sunday night he could barely stand up & as much as I wanted him to come in.. he couldn't because he was just loaded with fleas. So with old age & him probably eaten alive by those fleas & me being an awful mommy kitty-he just went to sleep. I cried for like an hour in the morning & had to get myself together to open the store. Dan was in Portland he went to see Velvet Revolver & Alice in Chains. Which is fine.. just that I knew Sebastain wouldn't last until he returned home. I found him under his table in the garage where he has had to be since we pretty much moved into the house. Apparently he & Jasmine BOTH didn't like the house. Guess I should have asked if they approved before we moved. They just decided to pee in my house. After $1000.00 worth of vet visits.. they still couldn't solve the issue with the peeing or Sebastian's other issues. It has been a fighting and loosing battle. I guess I want to justify this all.. and I can't. It's just sad to loose a pet who has been in your life for 15 years. Dan buried him under a tree near the house.. we can see the tree every morning.. and right now it just makes me cry. He was a good boy... he was so lovey-- so sweet. We will miss him. Cam said he is making him a little cross for his site. He took flowers to it yesterday. So sweet. He REALLY misses his "Bastian".
A few other sucky things happened-- but that is the kicker. Anyhoo- sorry to be a bad blogger day. I'll catch ya'l later with better news. :o)

Thursday, September 06, 2007

I'm here....

and I know I that again-- I am waaay behind on the blogging... so sorry. The store has me busy. Slowed down a bit but it will pick up in the next few weeks. I have a crop Saturday night & those nights are usually good to me when I have the min. of 3 girls. Which right now I do. I have an ALL DAY crop scheduled for Sat. Oct 6th. I am hoping to have some things moved around here at bit. Ihave a gal TerrY with a "Y" :o) working on Saturday's and a few hours during the week. I'm going to ask if she wants some product trade off..which I think she'll go for right now since I have a list of items she is wanting...LOL. So the store is going well I must say.

Cameron started back to school Tuesday. He had really fun time.. and ont he 2nd day as well. Today?? well- Cam & I are fighting Mother Nature- so the sinus infections are TRYING to head us off. But I think we can beat it. Cameron is the first kid to go hoem of the year!! I guess better now than in a few weeks. He can't be missing tooo much! Yesterday in PE he said a girl called his name out- "Cameron D" which he hasn't been called that since 2nd grade - and he looked at her & she looked familiar to him.. but couldn't figure out where. He asked her where do I know you from?- she said from school- he said I've only been to 2 schools- Gearhart & Kachina- She said I know-- Kachina-- I know you from Kachina in Arizona! Small world I tell ya! So he has found that to be just bizzaro..LOL They have a class together. Now I have told him.. you are on a mission to find out more..LOL But Cam find out more?? yeah right! Just is kind of weird.. being we are pretty small. Anyhoo- soccer has started & the first game is Saturday.

The photo above is from camp Kiwanilong with his best friend Dalton. Cam had a great summer & I think now it's all catching up.. anotehr reason why I think he isn't feeling well.. a combination of Mother nature & just tired. Anyhoo- camp was great & yes the bangs have been cut you can see his eyes now. I liek his hair long.. now if he'd comb it once in awhile! All is well in the land of own. I'll be doing a Store Blog soon.. and that I really will have to keep up on. HA! Hugs & all