The Happy Scrappy Beach Girl

Thought it was high time I update this part. What is this bog all about? Not much- just this & that & if I ever get back to my own scrapping- that will & can be included. So grab a martini- pitcher of margaritas or some wine and come on over!

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Soccer Season is over

Yep- over for Cameron now. The Falcons went 6-1.. they lost today & it was a hard loss. However- it didn't last long since the team got to dump Gatorade all over the coach. They had a party tonight with the "older" Falcon team- which is the next level up & Cameron will play with them next year. He had good time tonight & happy with his trophy.
This past week went pretty fast. I have been busy. Liane & I have come up with a price for the May crop- so we are working on that when we have time. I think it's going to be a lot of work- but in the end well worth it. I have a Friday night crop & not even sure who is coming. I have to figure a way to know. I mean I am providing dinner & it's difficult when you don't know how many. I'll get over & be fine though.
David (Dan's older brother) came up from San Francisco this weekend. We ended up driving into Portland to see him. He flew up to spend time with his younger sister- well he is the oldest. Anyhoo- Laura is the oldest daughter- and he came to spend with her & her kids. She has 4- Joshua- Ashley - Nathan & Lindsay.. ages 26 to 14. And Ashely has 2 little girls.. 6 months & 4 years old. It was fun & nice to them. We hadn't seen any of them sicne the wedding- Joshua to Katy. It was nice to see them. Cameron has a blast. Tonight my MIL called & she "fished" as usual asking " Have you talked to your siblings"? she knew David came up. Dan told her- yes- drove into Portland to see them. She does her snotty reply "Oh". Whatever- what??? you don't have a cara to drive into Portland?. It's a never ending thing. She didn't come to any of Cameron's soccer games. And yet my aunts managed to come from Seattle to see one or 2.. go figure. No- I don't want her at the game- but I don't want to her say she never sees him. Which actually she now doesn't say that anymore. I guess it still burns me that my dad is no longer here on this earth to see him- to spend time with him as they did. Cam is now left with a selfish woman who will never give any of her time & never be a "real" grandmother. My mom as much as she wants to- just can't be the grandmother he deserves. I thank god every day for my aunts. They make him feel like what a grandparent should make them feel.. and do. Yes- that was my gripe of the day.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Thought I should...

Post a LO since I did something about being scrappy! This is I did in July while at a retreat in Tucson Arizona- Camp Scrap A lot! The LO is of Cameron (right) & who use to be his best friend- Isaac. As Cameron says- we may not be the best of friends- but the memories are good. I will post some recent LO when I get batteries for my digi! Besides this weekend I went into a FunK.. lost my mojo. I can't find it yet. I better. I have a swap to do & with no mojo what will I do?
Dan's Birthday is Thursday- he'll be the same as me!! and who doesn't know how old I am? not telling.. okay 41. Anyhoo- Wednesday his mom & her childhood friend- also known around here as "Aunt Sharon"- are coming over for dinner. My own mothers birthday is Wednesday-Happy Birthday Mom! I expect a quiet wee.. but then again I never know for sure. Catch ya'll later. Boys want dinner

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Just a jabbering

Not much to even say today. I realized I didn't have a picture of Cam up here. .so here you are. This is from this summer.. the hair is the same.. the smile- same.. all in all he is just taller. This morning he tells me..these pants are too tight?? WHAT?? they were fine last week. He says well this week they are too tight & I can't get them down enough to pee. "Oh". He has been telling us he likes Alex in his class. She really is a sweetheart. Cam said I told Ian- & that was mistake number 1 because everyone in the class now knows- but her. I told him.. oh she knows.. trust me. So yesterday he did tell her that he likes her. Dan & I asked what she said. he said nothing really.. just oh?! Does this have to start now? I asked Dan if he was "into" girls at 10. He says.. oh I was into girls at 5. At 10 I was so not into biys yet- I mean they were pesty little things that were like flies.. annoying & keep landing in the same spot over & over & over. Well that did change in middle school. Anyhoo- I'll get some lay outs I have done up. They may be from months back.. but bette rthannothing at all. I need to get batteries for my camera. they died last weekend while at the soccer game. have a good night!!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

halloween horoscope

Halloween Horoscope for Cancer
You're usually the one who gives out the best candy in your neighborhood.
And you really get into the halloween spirit decorating your house.

Costume suggestions: A witch, wizard, or angel

Signature Halloween candy: Mini peanut butter cups
This pretty much does say it for me minus the decorating. This year nothing. Cameron could careless what the house looks like outside. But the candy? I big deal. Funny that this hits it on the nose. I usually give out the Peanut butter cups or Kit Kats.. since Cameron & I like them..LOL Okay Dan does too. And I have to hide them from the man or he'll eat them all! Cameron has decided to be Wolverine - X-men style. Meaning the costume can't be just apair of jean & t-shirt like I was hoping..::sigh:: oh well ~what do you do?? I told him this was his last year.. you thought I'd shot the kid.. he says nooo.. I said we'll see about next year.. take it a year at a time.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Did anyone really notice....

I missed all week?? Didn't think so. So here I am at Sunday & it's raining- windy- and yuck outside. On top of that Megan.. my Princess dog. Smells like a wet- skunky dog! My Aunt Mary & Chris came down for the weekend. They went to look at a college for Chris in McMinnville- about 70 miles from us. So on the way back they came here & watched Cameron play soccer yesterday. His team won & Cameron got a goal. Such bad parents but we bribed him with money to score. LOL it's just $3.. Cam thinks he deserves more.. I tend to agree with him. However- he doesn't hog the ball.. he is a team player & not aggressive enough to worry that he'll score it all the time. We are only out so far $9 including yesterday with one game left. So he never took it to heart if you know what I mean. Our friends the Donovans came into town as well - had dinner & wine .. it was fun & good. Also anotehr firend Danielle- her husband was out of town.. so it was nice she joined us. Those dinner I miss with them. before the Donovans moved into the "real city" it was a weekend thing- at one of our homes last minute everyone cpme for dinner. Those seem to be the best times & dinners.
I need to get my butt a swapping. I have one to get out tomorrow & never found the time yesterday to finish anything up.. company was here.. can't be rude.

Monday, October 09, 2006

things you may not have known about me..

Things you may not have known about me or maybe you do & don't care.. LOL

A) Four jobs I have had in my life
1. Front Desk/Reservation Clerk
2. Bartender/waitress
3. Apartment/Property Manager
4. Stock girl at Nordstrom's

B) Four movies I would watch over and over:
1. Parenthood
2. My Blue Heaven
3. When Harry Met Sally
4. Die Hard movies- all of them

C) Four places I have lived:
1: Seattle Washington
2: Oregon
3: Sacramento California (2 month stint)
4: Arizona

D) Four TV shows I love to watch:
1: Desperate Housewives
2: Greys Anatomy
3: 24
4: Nip & Tuck & Weeds is a tie

E) Four places I have been on vacation
1: Hawaii
2: Puerto Vallarta
3: Disneyland
4: Palm Springs Ca.

F) Websites I visit daily:
1: Scrapbooking.About.Com
2: CTMH website
3: Bank Of America
4: MSN/Yahoo

G) Four of my favorite foods:
1: Mexican
2: Italian
3: A good BBQ tri tip steak
4: Thai Food.. yummy

H) Four places I would like to be right now
1: Puerto Vallarta
2: Arizona
3: Disney World
4: Disney Land

I) Four friends I am tagging:
1: I have no idea
2: still no idea
3: no idea
4. what aren't you getting?? NO idea!

Thank You Shannon

Shannon was kind enough to make a banner for me. I think it makes my blog look to much better. Thank you Shannon.. you rock!
Yesterday Dan- Cam & I went into Portland. I did some shopping with my gf Liane. Cameron & Dan hung out the house with the boys & Mike. Cameron was not ready to go home. We made it home to watch the Steelers loose. what is up with them? It was a BAD football weekend.. first the Ducks & then the Steelers. Not good.. not good at all.
Today is a nice sunny day.. chilly again.. but blue skys are better then gray skys!
Have a good Monday!

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Just another day

It's just another Saturday here in the Dawson house. Doing those errands you didn't finish during the week & then laundry- which is something I really don't like- makes the top 10 list! Soccer game, which was at 1:30pm- Cam made a goal.. with his knee! His team- The Falcons- won again. So far they are undeafeated. The team hopes to win them all so they can dump a big cooler of Gatorade on Coach Pat. A joy that most 9 to 11 year old boys will enjoy!

It's actually a very nice day here today. Yesterday we had that "misty rain" I hate that.. just dump.. if your gonna rain.. RAIN! I mean don't mess around.. get it over with. Today though~ very nice-- a chill in the air that reminds you .. it's fall. Time for the paumpkin patch & all that. AND- that reminds me I need to order Cameron a Halloween costume. I hate having to actually buy the costume from a place. But Cameron being Cameron usually picks something out of the blue. This year- X-men Wolverine. So I find these blue & yellow ones.. Cameron looks at them & says.. uuuuhh-- no. Even I say- what is with that?? I did find a black one - but now my issue is size. AND YES- it apparently does matter that it's black & NOT blue & yellow. I keep asking?? Are you sure you don't want to be Capt Jack?? NO.. final answer.

Well I should go work on some swaps I am in for scrapbooking. I picked up one for a Christmas present to my MIL. I was going to make something anyway- so this worked out for the best. I ahve some LO I owe for my Football swap that my team lost. AND NO- I didn't get the Steelers- but I still cheer them on. I am happy to make the LO though.

Have a good weekend & I need to add blinkies to my blogg. I must thank Susan for taking time to help me.. and Darcy for taking the time to make any mistakes along the way so others like me don't have to.. we can ask the ones like you.
Hugs love ya!

Friday, October 06, 2006


This is Seaside. Close to where I live & where many stay when in town.To some this IS the big city. To me- this is nothing. Seaside at one point had a big Ferris wheel- rides & a lot of carnival type stuff. Now?? It has the arcade- bumper cars- tilt a-whirl- miniature golf and the fun little stores. It's a huge tourist attraction. A place that in the summer locals avoid! It has it's fun little spots that only the locals know about. And I think every town has those. Seaside also has a lot of history. The end of the trail of Lewis & Clark. Anyway- just thought I'd post a photo of the "city".. :o)

Thursday, October 05, 2006

The first post

Well here it is.. the first post. I am now officially in the wonderful world of blogging. Is this a good thing?? I think so. I have followed the direction of my GF's.. Shakira- Vernell - Francine- Shannon- Tammy- Roni- Jen- Susan- Darcy & Cindy. If I forgot anyone.. I am sooo sorry- too many margaritas! I figured if Tammy is doing this- it's got to be a good thing.. and if Susan can find the time.. I know I sure can :o) I think I can find the fun in this as well as the "journey" that goes along with it. So hang on tight with me & as the Partridge Family song goes .. Come on get happy!!
So why the Happy Scrappy Beach Girl title?? well I scrap- I am usually pretty happy & I live at the beach.. not a California sunny type of beach- the Oregon Coast type of beach. It doesn't suck by any means. We have nice weather.. for the Pacific NW. You can surf.. it's justa bit cold. It's small town life- but you get used to it. I do miss the mall- Target- Gap- good to eat places- Macy's- Petsmart- Cold Stone Creamery.. BUT I don't miss the traffic. I also miss my good friend Liane who up & moved about an hour away.. give or take. She took along her husband- how rude.. so Dan lost his Steeler-drinking buddy. Along with her 2 boys- so Cam was and is sad. HOWEVER- we have a place to stay when we go into town :o) And I Still see her just the same.
Well enough said. I'll tie this up for the night. Thanks for the push .. or shove into the blogging world of fun- freaks & fantasy?? :o) kidding-- really- I am. Hugs to all & to all a good night!