The Happy Scrappy Beach Girl

Thought it was high time I update this part. What is this bog all about? Not much- just this & that & if I ever get back to my own scrapping- that will & can be included. So grab a martini- pitcher of margaritas or some wine and come on over!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Thank you

I want to say Thank You for all your thoughts - concerns- prayers and all that jazz. I know if each & every one of you could.. you'd be here in a heart-beat. Liane- I am holding you to this once a month thing! I know you are busy yourself & I think we can BOTH use this. I miss you living here. So to say.. the weekend for the store was a bit sucky. BUT on a GOOD NOTE; my SIL was here for a show with her jewelery & she passed out several cards for the store & I am doing a Seaside Sister show in February. I will be doing our "Cinderella Crops" and an all day crop over the weekend plus have a mini-store. So Liane be prepared for me asking those "Gidget questions". I am really excited about this. I did join the Chamber in Seaside & this will help. I know I want it all & want it now... but the truth is like anything else it takes time. I do realize this.. it's just convincing myself of this..LOL We are heading up to Seattle for Thanksgiving & I am so excited to be with my family for this. I haven't really seen them since.. March?? My aunts did come for a quick visit to see Cameron's soccer game.. but I had to work the store & they were out the same day. Cameron is done with soccer. The team actually lost a game. It had been- well, guess the 8th graders on the team never lost a game. The other Seaside team was on "a mission" and they played better than we did. We did win the last game- we had 2 games on Saturday. Cam came close to scoring & the team really tried to help out the boys who hadn't scored. Skyler & Cameron were the only 2 who didn't-- but they tried. Coach Pat won't be coaching next year, He has had Cameron for the past 3 years in soccer & 2 years in baseball. cam says he is the only person I think who can get away with calling him SIL does as well.. and he usually will ask people NOT to call him Cammy. However- with Coach Pat- Cam tells me " it's okay now mom". Anyhoo- things are looking up... or so I say.. LOL they are.. one day at a time... just one day a time.

Friday, October 19, 2007

No title to give- life out of balance

I have no title for this.. why is that? (okay came up with just that) I guess I am at the cross roads of my life it seems. I feel totally out of balance with the store- my life. I want to have it all yet realize I can't & yet can't seem to accept that either. So WTF? I have no idea what to think.. or what to do. I feel at times I made this huge mistake of taking this on & wondering what business I have being in business. I keep this all in as well. Which is not good. Dan would never understand..or I don't think. I can't even explain how I feel. I love the idea of having a store.. I love the idea of being creative, I love the idea I have a wonderful family & friends- I hate the idea of failing at owning a business. I feel that is where I am heading. I tell everyone it's all fine.. and to a point it is. The financial part isn't so fine. I realize I have dug myself into a small hole & I will eventually get out of it. I realize I should have maybe taken on a partner so I don't have to deal with a fully over loaded plate. I want to cry- I want to scream I want to laugh & I want to just .. I have no idea. ::sigh:: I wonder if it's because the holidays are coming & Thanksgiving is still a difficult holiday for me- my dad's birthday is the 27th of Nov. and I still miss him terribly & even more right now than ever. Seeing he always knew when my life was out of balance & would help through it. This is so not like me to air this out . I usually keep it all in & just say "everything is good" & put a smile on my face & move on. As I know in the end it will work out so just don't bother anyone with my petty problems-issues & some things coming up above to spread rays of sunny love. I know it's just a bump in the road of life & i will get through.. I always do.
On a good note. Cameron has done well in school. He knows one of his bad grades was due to computer class. He just doesn't understand a few things & with a few Thursdays after school- he'll be fine. But he did awesome & we are proud of him. He is really enjoying middle school. I have been making some small albums here at the store. I will have to post some photos. I did add a photo of Cam & Dan's niece Lindsay. Last night he knew something was not happily right with me. He came in with this big smile & says.. "Mom- you are the best.. thanks for coming to school today & I love you more" I replied with nope- love you more AND I loved you first" ..LOL it made the moment I tell ya!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

another day

The weekend was a good one. Saturday I had an all day crop at the store. It was a ton of fun & seems like everyone had a GREAT & FUN time--woohoo!! Sunday was the first Sunday we opened.. and it was a good day. I didn't work since one of the gals offered.. so I said okay- don't have to ask me twice :o) I had other things to do anyway. I watched the Steeler game.. woohoo.. kicked some Seachicken butt! Did a Costco run- went - picked up Cameron from Dalton's - did some laundry -changed all the sheets - Fred Meyer run & made dinner. Then sat my butt down to watch TV. Don't even ask me what I watched.. I know Desperate Housewives-- just about it. Now on that note- Katherine?? Oh my gawd.. what a beotch. I realize she is suppose to be.. and I love Dana Delaney-- her character.. so much to find out- giving Bree a run & making her crazy. Marc Cherry has got a good one on his hands this season. Can't wait to find out what Katherine is hiding!! Edie--- love to hate her- hate to love her!
Cameron had a friend come over yesterday- John. He went to Gearhart with Cameron. They weren't in the same class though. Anyhoo- so nice to see him play with others in the area. It's always been Isaac- and that is wearing thin.Cameron has a play date every Friday with one of the neighbor girls- Alana.. so sweet. They went to the football game last Friday. Though guess they hung out with other people.. so cute. No- this is just a friend. My sweet BIL made me some custom shades fro the store. They came today.. yea! I just can't tell my MIL or she'll whine "why doesn't David make me any-- I want some" and gawd forbid I get something and she doesn't!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

So it's Wednesday's off...

But not really. Seems though I am off I am doing work things. I know it will get better & I made the choice. Guess I shouldn't complain.. but I will for a moment. But it's not like it is REALLY a complaining thing.. just a comment. Okay- shutting up now. Like that would last long.
Okay so who is tried of hearing about poor Brittany F&*%$@! Spears?? She lost custody of her boys & wonders why?? Hello-- have you NOT watched yourself on TV & seen yourself totally destroy yourself as we speak? I think it must drive me crazy that ANYONE apparently can become a parent. But the ones who WANT too- like my cousin, have to write this long drawn out bio about themselves.. go to parenting classes while all the live long F%^&$ day someone who has no business being a parent... "here ya go-- good luck carry on- go run around with your crack-heads- druggie friends- yadda yadda yadda" okay- Britt wasn't doing these things so much that we know of.. she is wreck less & has a right to be a 20-something year old- but you gave that up to a point when YOU decided to be a parent. Its' fine to have fun... but your KIDS COME FIRST. Just my 2 cents. And not like I don't know exactly what I am talking about. At 18 I made a choice to give up a baby boy for adoption. My MIL told me I was selfish for doing it.. I recall thinking WTF? If I keep this baby I AM SELFISH.. if I give him up I'm giving him a better life. I gave him life- but its' up to someone else to give him A life. I am too young & a child myself. I had no idea who I was.. and at times I think I still don't :o). Would I have changed anything?? yes- changed the fact that he even came home for a few months... he should have been with his mom & dad sooner. I was lucky- my mom's youngest sister adopted him.So now think you know more than needed about me?? LOL
Okay now I have to go now.. catch ya'll later .