The Happy Scrappy Beach Girl

Thought it was high time I update this part. What is this bog all about? Not much- just this & that & if I ever get back to my own scrapping- that will & can be included. So grab a martini- pitcher of margaritas or some wine and come on over!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

The mojo is ....

I THINK returning. I actually did a LO that has been sitting on the table for a week now. Not very exciting- but it's for Cam's book & the fact I actually did finish it is huge right now! PLUS I even did a sample LO for a Kids Scrapbook Classes I'll be teaching in March. Though no photos on it- does it count? Thinking it really should! Anyhoo- the photo here is for the March Kids Scrapbook Club. I just took a photo of one of the pages. I'm doing a total of 4 12x12 layouts- which I did all 4. The camera really sucks & doesn't take that great of pictures. I want my Olympus back. I went Wednesday to get a new memory card.. had to get a 2gb. I went to format the card & the camera said card error. Okay- went back to the store (Fred Meyer) & got another card.. same deal- card not formatting. Guy says being the camera is almost 4 years old- MAYBE it will only take just the 1gb card. okay fine- off to Radio Shack- got a 1gb card. Camera is telling me the same damn thing- card error. Must be the camera.. well crap. Okay fine- off to the camera repair shop where they tell me yes- it is the camera & we send our DIGITAL repairs to Portland! ::sigh:: so now I am still without my camera that needs fixing & next time I go into Portland I can take to the repair shop. So the mojo may be returning- but I am bummed that I don't have my camera. So in the mean time I go back to my Kodak camera that is about 7 years old. Its' digital- one of the first ones. But the picture quality then was fine... now is BETTER!!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Idiots of the week

I have no idea who these idiots are. Just find it funny & as Dan says- who finds the need to even cook in the pool? Get your lazy stupid a$$ out of the pool &.. yea. Ya know- you do this you deserve to be zapped!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Happy Tuesday!!

Monday, January 21, 2008

The weekend

Was pretty good. Cameron's friend Donald came over Friday & Saturday night- they get a long so well & Donald is so sweet & very respectful & nice. He was so cute last night though- he wanted to spend the night again yet wanted to go home & see his family. Cameron & I told him-- it's okay- go home if you want to. Cameron finally said to him after he was hooing & teetering back & forth- "Dude- if you want to go home- I get it- go home- I won't be mad". So he went home.

Dan was at a friends house yesterday watching the NFC & AFC playoffs. Since the Steelers aren't in it it's not as much fun- however- we have our teams now to root for. However-I am so sick of Tom Brady Tom Brady Tom Brady & the Bradyettes. Go NY!! I admit I was hoping for the Packers- but those interceptions in OT will get you every time. And while on the OT- I think it's STUPID the way the NFL does it- first one who scores wins. I don't care if it's my team who even scores first- I think BOTH teams should get the ball at least once. Okay so yesterdays game between GB & NY they each had the ball. Why not pay the whole 15 minutes?? I think the NFL should consider changing this OT thing. JMO. Hey- maybe Tom Brady can ask them too?! Guess we'll see what happens Superbowl Sunday. And they are playing it in Glendale AZ.. oh man how I wish we lived back in AZ now.
So as far as my scrapping mojo?? still gone. Though Dan did tell me that Freddy's (Fred Meyer) is having a sale on the memory cards.. so thinking I'll make a run Wednesday to get one. So hopefully with some new photos I'll get some mojo back! Woohoo! Some new adorable stuff coming out & I want it all. Is that even possible??

Thursday, January 17, 2008

No Scrappin' Mojo

I have lost the scrapping Mojo. Gone forgotten & nowhere to be found. You'd think that after spending time in a scrapbook store and going to others.. I'd have it? Oh hell no. I have no idea where it is. I just am hoping it comes back soon. I can look at magazines & websites until my eyes bulge.. nada. I think some of it is that I don't have the photos on hand. I lost (or it was taken who knows anymore) my memory card to my camera & so brought out the old one- it sucks. Takes horrible icky sucky pictures- compared to my current camera. So you'd think being I was in Portland yesterday I'd stop & get a new card.. nope totally spaced it. What a surprise I know. Though in my defense I would have never had time to stop. When you get into the "city" you seem to run run drive drive everywhere. Traffic it gets in the way. I mean when you are use to no traffic in "Mayberry".. it's just weird being IN traffic & dealing with it. Though I don't find it too bad. Dan when he goes complains about it too much. Oh well.
So guess I should get busy on getting a new memory card for the camera. Then maybe the Mojo will be back! Maybe just if I order some pictures?? hey what an idea.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Cameron is getting it

Isaac came over after school yesterday. As some know he is my problem child who I think I just want to shake & knock some sense into him at times. Dan & I go back & forth about the friendship between Isaac & Cameron & realize Cameron has to make his own choices. I must say that Isaac is beginning to realize that Cameron doesn't need the friendship & he does have other friends. Cam realizes that his friends don't all care for Isaac..but do put up with Isaac because the friendship they have with Cameron. Yesterday Cameron says to me after Isaac leaves & after a discussion about what they will do when they graduate high school (mind you they are in 6th grade) he says..Mom, you wonder if Isaac & I will friends in high school? I said I don't know sweetie- depends upon how you grow. Some people just grow apart. He says- well I don't think Isaac I will be friends forever- I think he is going to be in more trouble than I care to want. I think he will do things I don't think is right..he already says lies & tells people stuff that I just roll my eyes at. I gave Cameron a hug & told him.. thing is.. he needs a friend like you more than you need him. Cameron says.. when he comes to our house I think he has finally realized that you & dad have rules. At home he just tells his mom oh well & does what he wants. I tell Isaac he should just do it & why argue.. so why does he do that & why does his mom let him?? I told him- I don't know- I'm not his mom- & his mom & I are 2 very different people. Isaac is finally learning that your dad & I will not put up with some things- maybe his mom picks her battles just as we do with you. Maybe some battles she just doesn't think it's worth a fight? I don't know. Isaac likes to see peoples reaction to things.. and guess your dad & I have stopped reacting to things he says. Like you- we just roll our eyes & say okay Isaac. I guess maybe Isaac may need our rules more than he thinks.. and I think he likes the boundaries we have in our house. Cameron says-- yea- guess maybe I'll just see how the friendship goes. Love you mom. Love you too Cam. so guess he is getting it. Life lessons are in progress.

Monday, January 14, 2008


I think I must live a terribly boooring life. I have nothing to really say. Okay not true- I always have something to say. Just some things I think you can never win at talking about. Like what? okay- Music-politics-religion. Those seem to be the 3 you will always have some big discussions over. Discussing politics with my BIL who HATES Bush is a loose-loose. He has a right to his opinion like everyone else. I respect that. But when people say we need to impeach him (Bush).. I think it's really a redundant statement. Next year at this time we'll have a new President. Religion- can never talk about. I can.. but not with to many people. I am a spiritual person- believe in God. But I have these issues that I don't like about the church itself.. and some of the people. I don't like religion shoved down my throat. Don't get me wrong... again I believe in religion..just not ome of the stuff that goes on & how some of the people are. My MIL brings up the fact that people can't pray in school & find it unfair. Unfair??? I believe that ALL religions should be able to pray-- Muslim-Jewish- Christian-Buddhist- ALL of them.. and how can one school keep that up? So if they can't do it for everyone.. then not do it all approach isn't so bad. Music? I like all music.. okay I can't stand rap. But I believe in the power of music. Now those 3 subjects I said I should never talk about and I did. I respect every one's opinion about these subjects. Oh- Art is another one. We have some art in our house that some people don't like and that is fine.. I don't care for the Thomas Kincaid art. Doesn't fit my style. I find people interpret art in so many different ways. What it says to one person it says something else to another. A friend of my dads once asked him to help him buy some art- my dad replied to him.. if you like it buy it! That simple. We have a few pieces of art that have some partial nudity. One of Cameron's friends went & told his grandmother that we had some NUDE pictures on our wall. His mom told her mom- it's just art. Then the grandmother confronts me one day when I dropped Cameron off to play. She says she didn't appreciate the Nude pictures on my wall. I asked her when she had seen them. She said she hadn't- just her grandson told her about them. I said it's art on the wall. She said she doesn't want her grandson to see these. I replied.. think it's too late- he has seen them. I then asked her if she preferred I had ART with someone blowing another ones brains out? I said it's ART.. and until you have seen it how can you pass judgement? She said she wasn't about to come see it. I told her.. well my door is always open if you'd like to see it. This was a few summers ago.. and she has yet to come over & see it. Her grandson still comes over.. and his mother sees it as art. Nothing she would have in her house-but as she says- it isn't not my home.. its' yours. Again- all in how you interpret these things-- religion- art- music- politics. But that is just MY OPINION. Anyhoo- so much for not having anything to say.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Happy New Year!

Yes- I am late with the well wishes but hoping we all have a great 2008.

I had to use my old first digital camera I had during the holidays.. and I never took the pictures off from when Cameron graduated Kindergarten! So these were a few that were on the camera. I find it fun to look at. Cameron & I were just thrilled to see the one of he & his "papa"!

Made it through the Christmas Break. Cameron kept pretty busy with friends either stying over or him going over to friends. It was nice he kept busy. As for the New Years Eve for Dan & I..nothing special. We thought about heading to the Donovan's and I forgot to call Liane & tell her we weren't coming due to the snow on the pass- I am so sorry for not calling Liane.. my goof. Dan & I just stayed in watched TV & chatted. It was nice & quiet.

The Saturday before my cousin, Kelly & her husband came for a visit. They were up from Phoenix & making the rounds. His mom lives is in Raymond Washington, which is about an hour and half away from us. We had a small Christmas with them. I made brunch. We took them down to Seaside.. it was freezing cold. So we cut it short. It was good to see them. They are waiting for a baby. They have gone through the process & all of adopting & now just are waiting for a little one. She is a pre-school teacher- or I should say becoming one. She currently is an assistant & loves it. She is so good with kids. Dennis s a high school math/history teacher. They will be great parents. We have taken all the Christmas stuff down. The lights on the house are still up- but Dan is waiting for a better day to wash the windows as well. Not sure if the neighbors want to look at them until Spring though :o)

Just have been busy with the store starting a New Year with fresh new ideas.