The Happy Scrappy Beach Girl

Thought it was high time I update this part. What is this bog all about? Not much- just this & that & if I ever get back to my own scrapping- that will & can be included. So grab a martini- pitcher of margaritas or some wine and come on over!

Friday, May 25, 2007

Thank you!

Thank you Shannon for your hugs-- and Ann & Lizette.. along with everyone else for the support. Dan has been great as well as my family. Dan is actually getting it.. he loves to hear the men say- -oh my wife will love it- and he'll reply- GOOD we better see her here & have her bring a friend. He realizes that there are a lot of us scrappers, card makers & stampers in the world. Though he about fell over when I told him my cardstock was $1600.. adn then having to carry it all in along with the racks..LOL hey something I gotta have honey!! Plus orders keep coming in.. I have no idea what I haev anymore! Shannon.. come help me unload!! I have my moments still of freaking out & wondering what they hell I have gotten myslef into.. however- a quick Martini seems to cure that! Sandy (bluedog) has been another huge support. And then my gf Liane & Colleen who have wonderful ideas & really get it. At times I think I have no one to share this all with who gets it. Love Dan but it's hard at times. Though he really is getting it as I said.. he still doesn't have the feel if you know what I mean!? Cameron is still worried about the lack of dinners that will coming his way. But things are moving along well.
Cameron had outdoor school this week. He left Wednesday AM and arrived back about an hour ago.. with a headsche & just tired. But his friend Dalton is staying over & he won't let me call it off.. he is sure he'll be fine soon.. he will be. We were going to go see Pirates tonight- but the 8pm show is late-- and the movie runs 3 hours by the time you haev the commercial (and what is up with that crap?) and the previews -even Cameron said.. I'll probably fall asleep...LOL He has a baseball game tomorrow and my SIL and her family are coming. So a whirwind weekend it will be. We'll celebrate my MIL's b'day on Sunday. Though it's Dan & mine's anniversary.. 13 Seems longer... oh yes that is because we have been with each other since like 1982... LOL. well we did have a few off years. Anyhoo getting ready for it all & thinking I'll never be ready. Then again I did say that when I was pregnant with Cameron.. and I still tell him.. ya know I'm not ready for you yet.. where are the instructions to you?? LOL Gotta love that kid.. he is so ... 11!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Update on the life of opening a LSS

I know I am over due here on my updates. So here we go... the store is painted and it came out really cute- beachie! Just like I wanted it to. NOW I have other peoples furniture & tanning beds in the store- so I can't do as I really want now. It's driving Dan crazy that it's all in the store. I just have to say okay- fine whatever. Move on now... I have ordered the cash register & it came Friday. The cash wrap counters are ordered and could be here this week. Paper- and all the stuff you need to scrap & make cards.. ordered.. now what did I buy?? Oh crap I have nooo freaking idea! I just know that last Thursday it took all day to go through like 6 lines-- Karen Foster- Heidi Grace- Cloud 9- American Crafts - American Tag- Zsaige and Fiskars. Plus I have ordered from My Minds Eye- Artic Frog- Piggy Tales- 3 Bugs in a rug.. and I forget the others . The shopping is fun I admit- but man it's exhausting! I need to just take it al lout & go back through to see what I need before I open. Right now I picked a date.. Saturday June 23rd for opening day. I have to now sit down & figure who I can have help me that day. I have some local gals who are eager to help me get things priced & all. So my goal is to start that in 2 weeks. I have my signage in the works. Just have to make some final decisions on what I want. I have even forwared some of them to a forum GF - Nicole (hi Nic!) and asked her to have her sweet adorable DH Aaron look at them really quick.
We went up to Seattle the weekend of Mother's Day. It was nice to see my mom & spend it with my aunts & her. I made dinner for them all. But it had been so long sicne I had spent an actually Mother's Day with them it was nice. My mom is doing a bit better. She is sick if you didn't know. She has.. well we really have no idea. Parkingson's - Huningtons?? who knows? Anyhoo- she had some swallowing issues that have been taken care of.. so she is eating. But her case manager is now reporting signs of Dementia. Which we don't see it. But I guess at the home she is in.. the staff sees it. Pkus she now is having long term memory loss. Thsi we noticed more when I was talking about a house a a dog we had when I was a kid.. she couldn't remember until I started talking about some of it. then she re-called some things.. like the dog would sleep under my bed. So it does sadden me and I still ask myself.. why?? why this on her? I mean what did she do? She has a heart of gold.. was a great mom & she would have been a wonderful grandmother. She has lost out on so much as seems I have too. And yes- I still get angry over that. I use to think it was something I must have done.. but I realize & KNOW that that is not the case. I just want answers.. and those I will never have. I just wanted a mom... I mean dson'tget me wrong.. my aunts have been wonderful & they have taken her role.. which I am truly greatful for. I also have a boss who is like a mother to me.. she has been fabulous as well.. but they aren't my mom.. and though they never expect to replace her as they don't want too.. just I know they are always there for me.. Dan- & Cameron.
Okay anyhoo- now I should run.. I am freezing at the moment. Finishing up some cards I have to do for a Stamp of the month Swap.. I am soo behind on everything.. life.. me.. laundry.. and we all know I HATE the laundry thing!! Good thing Dan can fold clothes well... hee hee Hugs to all!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Scrap Harbor

yep-- that is the name I .. well Dan came up with Scrap Harbor! **nice job Dan** It seems to go & a lot of people seem to like it. If you haven't figured it out.. I am opening up a scrapbook store in my area. We currently have one that is about 20-30 minutes away. Mike's- Joanns & Craft Warehouse are in the big city-- so over an hour away. I kept thinking for the past 30 odd months that someone would open another LSS. But then I figured.. well then why not me?? So here it goes.
Cameron FINALLY has started baseball. It takes forever for them to get the shit together & get going. But small town.. it's free.. and just the way it goes here in small beach town. I keep my mouth shut because as much as I know I could organize it better.. I just keep my mouth shut. I was asked and I said I really have a plate full & so I'll just shut up since I can't step up to the plate. Cameron is really bummed that one of his best friends moved back to Austrailia. Andy- he is so nice & his sister was so sweet. He will be missed in our home. It was hard to take the whole move serious since during the Christmas break we got a call & Andy said he wouldn't be back. Then Cam came home saying Andy didn't move. So since then 2 other times it was siad.. we're moving next week.. we're NOT moving-- we're moving in 2 days-- not moving! So when it really happened yesterday as Andy's last day of school.. Cameron said he feels so sad and hurts again like Arizona. Though we'll probably never see Andy- I hope they can keep in touch by email. I just feel bad we can't do anything to take that hurt away.
Okay- thats' my update. I'm going into town Sunday to take some classes from Hot Off the Press and shopping.. woohoo. And noone to join me.. I have even offered to pay! But it was short notice so it was hard for Liane & Colleen to change plans. Though I say Liane can just bag her plans.. I mean getting ready for a expo & an Alaska cruise?? geesh.. LOL Okay I'd pass too. Gotta run.. have a good one & catch ya'll later.