The Happy Scrappy Beach Girl

Thought it was high time I update this part. What is this bog all about? Not much- just this & that & if I ever get back to my own scrapping- that will & can be included. So grab a martini- pitcher of margaritas or some wine and come on over!

Monday, February 26, 2007

Monday- Monday- Monday!

So here it is Monday.. the beginning of the work week.. the end of the weekend. Dan went to Sunriver with some friends over the weekend. he laft early Friday AM & was suppose to be back last night. But the truck/van wouldn't start. As I type this- it's getting a new Fuel pump.. how sucky! But he had a nice weekend & though the only single one- per sey. The other guys had the wife or girlfriend with them. The guys are friends that we have known since high school. Dwight is the youngest- then Gary & Dan. There are a few more to the gang but they weren't able to make it. Seems so strange that they have all been friends for this long. Our history goes back so far & though we have all at some point moved around- seems we all stay in touch & these guys will be friends through thick & thin. I can honestly say that I have seen these guys go through several girlfriends & a few wives. Though Dwight finally got it right & though long ago we had told him to stick it out with Lora.. he just finally got it about 4 or 5 years ago to actually do that.. after 2 wives. So hey 3rd is a charm & they are expecting a little girl the end of May first of June. That is another funny thing. Out of all these guys.. Dan & I are the only ones with a boy! Gary has 2 daughters in high school that he is raising. They are so pretty- but going to give him a run for his money! Dwight has a daughter by his first wife. Mike- who wasn't around for the weekend but a huge part of this group- has no kids by choice- however he is the godfather of Cameron & Mike says that is close enough to being a father for him. His wife does have a grown son who has a daughter- so he is the only grandpa in the group..LOL John- another one who is a part- but I think serving another term in Iraq- he has a daughter as well- same age as Cameron. So anyway how this all relates to Monday?? I have no idea. Just as usual- got off track here. Anyhoo- Dan is not home- that sucks! I didn't get any scrapping done this weekend- that sucks. Mainly non done because my room is not scrapable. I really need to work that. But I have nooooo time. I actaully for the first time that I can really remember-- watched the whole show of the Oscars. dan says that makes me old.. only old women do that. Thanks honey.. lets talk about how you feel now that you went snowboarding!?! Cam had Isaac over Saturday all day. Yesterday Cam & I watched a movie.. he played with his Army guys.. and mind you has like 200+ of those little men.. and Gracie discovered they are really easy to bat around & kind of fun. Cameron didn't like it. "She keeps messing with the troops mom"! so she was in the bedroom with me watching the first half hour of the Oscars. I must say the dress that Beyonce had on.. was so pretty. The one Kristen Dunts had on.. not sure about that one? But hey- I couldn't have worn any of those...LOL Looks like the rian is going to come again.. it rained off & on all weekend. The boys got caught in the rain a few times while playing in the "forest"- by our house. But they had fun. It was sun breaks this AM but looks like a huge cloud is hanging over the pacific... ugh. I realized today how much I miss baseball season now...and Cameron realized it yesterday. He would always know the opening of little league day while in Arizona was near his birthday- which is next Wednesday. The Saturday after his birthday was opening day.. and he said yesterday with this sad face.. I miss baseball season in Arizona mom. I am with him. I miss the games- the time at the field.. the practices.. everything about it. Here it's so lame. Dan misses it as well. We had so much fun. ::sigh::

Friday, February 16, 2007

Another rainy day

Seems like it has rained enough now.. going on 3 days & I realize I shouldn't gripe about it.. but I want too. At least the rain hasn't been going on for 30 days straight like last year in January.. that was awful. I know the snow is never-ending in parts of New York & though it sounds pretty cool.. I bet it just is sucking right now for those people. Valentine's Day went off well. Dan & I just didn't do much for each other. Afterall he'll say "It's Valentine's day everyday with you".. oh please. But Neither of need a special day to know how much we love one another. As for Cam?? well the poor kid came home with a cold. He couldn't stop the coughing & had a fever. So yesterday I kept him home to just make sure. He slept 12 hours! He needed it. He is back to himself pretty much. So much he reminds us he will be 11 in 19 days.. and counting down down. we will have this tweenie bopper in our house. As for the scrapbook store.. it's still sitting on a fence. I am working ona few things & seems like the gal I am trying to work with.. her & I just can't seem to get together. Not entirely either one our faults.. just life happens-go figure. My gf , Liane & I are sitting on the fence about our May Crop. So we will give it a bit more time & see what happens. Living at the beach can make me crazy with people.. everyone is last minute with things (so yes I do fit in) and just not a care in world at times.. drives me crazy I tell ya. But it's just something you get use to eventually... I think. So we'll see what happens with it. We replaced our TV. We had the TV go out before Thanksgiving & had a guy come & repair it based onth4e best Buy warranty we had.. he came fixed it- then these 3 little dots appeared. A month and a half later we gee someone to come back out- same guy. So he says the tubes have to be replaced at $300.00 a pop plus his time. So Best Buy calls us & says.. you caa have a new TV (always buy the warranty I tell ya!). So the Saturday before superbowl (congratulations Colts) we take the TV back.. and walked out with a new 42 inch LD.. whatever flat screen a $70 gift card & a $100 spending money at the NFL store (yes- Dan is happy all around) But then we need a TV stand.. and you'd think we could agree on something?? nope- and of course the ones we like were like $300! So Dan caved in and just made one. It came out very nice. SO now I'm thinking I can get him to make me some things for my scrap room!! hee hee. Anyhoo- I need to jet. Have a good weekend & be happy & scrappy!!

Friday, February 02, 2007

Meet Gra-Ce (Gracie)

Yes- we have a new addition to the family. So meet Gra-Ce. She was found Cameron & his friend Isaac at Issac's home under some bushes. The neighbors had been feeding her but no one could take her in. So I said okay- we'll keep her for the night.. that was 20 days ago!! So after Dan said no no no.. and I was fine either way.. he finally caved in & said yes.

Sebastian isn't so sure of this. She wants to play- he is an old grouchy cat who just wants to be left alone. She has been whacked a few times by him- but that doesn't seem to phase her. Megan?? she could careless. she just wants to know where her ball is & for GraCe to stop batting at her tail. Lucy- she is not thrilled with this thing in our house & voted already that she should leave the house. As a kitten she is funny right now.. just wish she'd stay a kitten. She has some things that remind us of Jasmine in so many ways.. her eyes. the fact she hates to be kisses on the face, only likes her water "ice" cold. Anyway- we welcome GraCe Lou Dawson to the family. I have no idea where the "Lou" comes from.. just seems to flow.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Another month gone gone gone

Seems like the month of January flew by & I never saw it. I never made a New Year's resolution.. why?? I seem to never keep them so what's the point? I didn't get much of any scrapbooking done.. why?? My room has been hit by "Hurricane Dee"-- which is me-- I really need to do something about that. I did however manage to keep my once a month crop PLUS an all day crop & I made it through them just fine. At the ALL DAY crop I did finish a paperbag album that I made for a friend. These are just a few of the pages I'm posting. I used the Close to my Heart "giggles & grins" paper - giggles & grins stickease assortmant & the stamp set "Magic". I made it because she returned from Disney World not to long ago & I thought it would be something "fun" to share. So I have done something- yeah me! I will be teaching a class in March at the Heirloom Rubber Stamp Convention. I have never really taught a class & it is a big fear of mine. So maybe I didn't make a New Years resolution- however- I am owning to the fact I have this fear of teaching & realizing I need to "get over it". So- here I go & teach a class. I figure it's a good way to get over it & to help build my CTMH business & earn a cruise! I will update later more of what is "happening" in the life of the "Dawson" house. Just need to get my class instructions & all up & running.